POV: you visit my home when I’ve just woken up, and we chat about our goals for the new year. We both have bedhead and no makeup and I’m still wearing my pajamas–maybe you are, too!

But in all seriousness. I’m not trying to have a wildly popular channel and lots of subscribers; I just want to be a little more consistent with making videos. I hate calling this stuff content. I am not a content creator. I’m just sharing snippets of my life! I love to watch lifestyle videos and “what I do in a day” videos…but I don’t see a lot of people in my Gen X age bracket, who don’t have children, who are maybe a little off-kilter. So I thought I might be the weird I wish to see in the world!

Making videos is time-consuming, and it’s a little fraught, not because I don’t like talking to the camera (I love it, believe it or not, even if I sometimes sound like a ding dong) but because what I don’t love is my face. However! What I dislike more than my actual face is wearing a faceful of makeup. I hate makeup and I hate the time and energy it consumes to fool around with it. And in all honesty, that’s what keeps me from making these videos more often…because applying makeup and worrying about the results is just so damn nerve-wracking. So you know what? I thought, “fuck it” and I didn’t bother. I’ve said it before, but this is the only face I’ve got, and I think all ten of you who watch my videos do not give a single crap about how my face looks.

And you’re the people I’m chatting with today ❤

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Drax says

But we love your face!

Melissa Kojima says

Loved this. I hear you about wearing makeup. I just hate the time it takes.

What a wonderful goal to just marinate. I could use more of that.

I have a daily writing practice. It is just writing about my life in my handwritten journal. I do it at lunch. Usually, I start each entry with a little drawing too, so I guess it becomes a daily drawing practice too.

Sounds wonderful to have a big reading goal for 2023. I usually listen to a lot of audio books while I do art. It keeps me focused and keeps me from getting too much into the inner art critical as I am creating.

One goal I have this year is to finish this big 4'x3' art piece that I started on January 1st. I think it is one of my most ambitious artworks to date.

I also have a goal of getting out to see a lot of gardens because I just love plants and gardens. There are quite a few beautiful ones where I live.

Thanks for sharing. It is always inspiring.

Eileen says

Can confirm as a subscriber--not tuning in to check out or critique your makeup! I frankly don't care whether you have any on or not. You have really similar interests (and the most soothing voice ever), so hearing you gently muse on what's tickling your fancy is always a treat for me.

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