Art in the Margins trio photographed by Maika

Calling all darklings, mystics, and fantasists!

Ever get lost in a book that speaks to your deepest curiosities? The Art of the Occult, The Art of Darkness, and The Art of Fantasy are back in stock at Unquiet Things and are ready to ignite your imagination and quench your thirst for the extraordinary!

These visual sourcebooks are brimming with inspiration, whether you crave a guide to the occult, a glimpse into the beauty of darkness, or an escape into fabulous, fantastical realms.

Before they all disappear, grab a signed copy and add a personal touch to your exploration of the unseen! **Shipping within US only.**

Art in the Margins trio photographed by Maika


Whether you’re a budding mystic, a connoisseur of the macabre, or an escape artist into fantastical worlds, these visual sourcebooks have something for you.
𖤓 Craving a visual guide to the occult? The Art of the Occult is a treasure trove for the enthusiasts of the esoteric and arcane.

𖤓 Want to delve into the beauty of darkness? The Art of Darkness is a visual feast for those who find solace in shadows.

𖤓 Yearning to escape into fantastical realms? The Art of Fantasy is your portal to worlds unseen.

Bonus content! I’m too much of a shy weirdo to ever do any book tours or public book signings or anything like that, so public appearances were not part of my marketing plan for my books. (“Plan.” Ha!) Do you know what I did instead? I made little fantasy outfits for each title. Yep.

Jennifer says

Always love your outfits. And your books…I have all 3. That green dress for The Art of Fantasy is divine.

S. Elizabeth says

Thank you so much!

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