12 Mar

I have been obsessed with this perfect garment, Sidney Prescott’s long, soft, loose grey sweatshirt since I first saw it in 1996. This lone piece of clothing is the all-star MVP of the Scream franchise. I rewatch these specific scenes again and again because of the eternal, elusive beauty of this sweatshirt.

There’s also something about these few moments where Sidney fresh off the schoolbus and just puttering around the house and making phone calls before watching television and taking a nap, that I find so cozy charming and perfect and wonderful. I mean, she is in the midst of processing a classmate’s gruesome murder before being re-traumatized by hearing mention of her late mother’s murder on an evening news report, so it’s not exactly an idyllic,  feel-good sequence. But still…the setting, to my boring-homey-vibes-craving-heart is a true slice of mundane perfection.

I am the *most* Taurus horror-movie fan.

I just love how LONG it is. The total antithesis to all of these dumb cropped sweatshirts I’m seeing lately. So lemme get this straight…you wanna be warm and cozy but you want a chilly breeze on your torso and yes, please also let the world see your manky belly button tube-hole? WHO are these awful things even made for? No thank you!

Anyway, here are a few more screengrabs of the most perfect sweatshirt to ever exist. That’s it for today.


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Steven says

Hey! Do you know what fabric it is? It's kinda fluffy.

S. Elizabeth says

I do not! At first I thought it was chenille, which was really popular for sweaters at that time? Maybe it's just a fuzzy terrycloth sweatshirt?

Steven says

Yes! Looks like it has fuzzies, i love it! As you said, it looks so comfy.
I'm looking for a sweatshirt, like Sid's.

S. Elizabeth says

Okay...I wonder if it was a "plush" sort of sweatshirt? Something like this? (I think we might be a little obsessed, hee!) https://www.zulily.com/p/gray-plush-crewneck-sweatshirt-526025-100974293.html

Minna says

Based on the pic from the Nylon article (https://www.nylon.com/scream-best-fashion-looks) I think it's just really nice regular fleece sweatshirt material, maybe even a bit finer because of the drape. The lack of ribbing at the hem and the way the collar and cuffs look like the same material is an interesting, possibly tell-tale detail. (They might just look like the same material in the picture.)

S. Elizabeth says

Yes! I think it's that drape that really called to me. And yet, it's not totally droopy, either. There's the barest hint of structure to it. They've really struck the perfect balance with this elusive sweatshirt!

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