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For a few years now I’ve been intending to dabble in the creation of youtube content to supplement the writings on my blog. Personally, I love reading blogs, and nothing can replace that experience of the written word for me, but I know that lots of folks enjoy their internet fodder in a more visually rich medium.

But also, let’s not pretend that I am doing this for “the people”. I do really like to hear myself chatter on. Which is funny and strange because I am not at all much of a conversationalist. But when it’s just me talking to myself or at an invisible audience who can’t respond, I have a blast. At any rate, here is my low production Youtube debut wherein you get to see my floating head atop a stack of books.

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If you have absolutely no interest in watching YouTube videos and want to cut right to the chase, hey, I respect that. Below is a list of the books mentioned in this video:

The Book Of Flowering
Alien Virus Love Disaster
Tragedy Queens
Things To Do When You’re Goth In The Country
Not To Be Taken At Bedtime
The Crying Book
Sooner Or Later Everything Falls Into The Sea
Magic For Liars
How To Do Nothing
Black Dahlia (graphic novel)

Tess says

Omg, thank you! I haven't watch the video (yet!) but the How to Do Nothing: Resisting the Attention Economy is a book I picked up in Tate, read a quarter of, and never found again afterwards. I am really tempted to get it now... I would be curious to know your thoughts about it!

S. Elizabeth says

I will definitely report back here when I've gotten a chunk of it read! I'm in such a brain-fog recently that I am having trouble reading ANYTHING, but I will get to it something...this...year? Hopefully!

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