13 Apr

I don’t think it’s possible to capture an egg salad sandwich in an attractive pose but the Japanese milk bread and accompanying egg salad recipe from Chef John made for an incredible tamago sando. It’s never gonna be in Vogue or whatever but I’m here to eat, not sell magazines.

While I actually like egg salad, I have a tough time eating it and not thinking of the decaying egg salad sandwich that Fry bought from a toilet vending machine in Futurama, whenever I eat one. It’s such a dilemma. Keep the space parasites that are making me the most amazing and best version of myself? Or get rid of the worms taking up residence in my body?

Sigh. 6am is too early to be thinking. Or eating egg salad, probably.

Anyway, this dough was such a joy to work with. It was so plush and luxurious! I couldn’t stop fondling it! Ok, stop being weird, Sarah. Also: loaf of milk bread? Or corgi butt? It’s hard to tell, right?

Jonnie Carole Kwiatkowski says

This looks so amazing! Nothing inspires me like food :) Now my stomach is growling.

S. Elizabeth says

It's a tad bit runny, and I think I might actually like the bread for this sandwich toasted, but it was super tasty!

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