Well, hello friends of midnight shadows and all that lurk in those murky corners! It is cover reveal day for THE ART OF DARKNESS: A TREASURY OF THE MORBID, MELANCHOLIC AND MACABRE.

I am so extremely-over-the-moon thrilled with the somber, surreal, multi-layered magnificence of Alex Eckman-Lawn’s cover art–it’s really a dream come true for this artist’s incredible work to be gracing the cover of a book that I’ve written. Aside from the cover art, I’ve been extraordinarily fortunate to work with SO MANY DREAM ARTISTS to include in these pages!

So, what else can you expect to find this the pages of this darkly artful tome?

Throughout history, artists have been obsessed with darkness – creating works that haunt and horrify, mesmerize and delight and play on our innermost fears. While these themes might scare us – can’t they also be heartening and beautiful? In exploring and examining these evocative artworks The Art of Darkness offers insight into each artist’s influences and inspirations, asking what comfort can be found in facing our demons? Why are we tempted by fear and the grotesque? And what does this tell us about the human mind?

Of course, sometimes there is no good that can come from the tenebrous sensibilities of darkness and the sickly shivers and sensations they evoke. These are uncomfortable feelings, and we must sit for a while with these shadows – with a book, from the safety of our armchairs.

The Art of Darkness and all of its dreamy, disturbing gloomy glimpses will be released into the world on September 6, 2022! Stay tuned for more details.

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Melissa Kojima says

Ooooh, I'm so excited. I can't wait. This is a fantastic cover.

S. Elizabeth says

Thank you SO MUCH! Getting Alex Eckman-Lawn on the cover was a pie-in-the-sky dream...I can't believe it actually happened!

Lise says

Ohhh! I want!
I saw your other book on a shelf in a nerd shop here in Oslo and it was so surreal. I've followed this blog for so long and it felt like a cool secret, but there it was! Looks great on my shelf 😎

S. Elizabeth says

Oh, that is SO COOL! I haven't been to a bookshop since the pandemic started so I have been living vicariously through folks who have seen The Art of the Occult in the wild--thanks so much for sharing that!

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