Hello, fans of moody art capturing the morbid, melancholic, and macabre! Here’s something fun!

Pre-order your copy of The Art of Darkness by August 31 from any retailer and be one of the first 100 readers to enter your information into the Quarto form and you’ll receive a lovely thank-you-package including a The Art of Darkness postcard, sticker, and autographed bookplate from me, the author! Link in comments!


Heather N Generous says

Hi!! I want to buy a copy of The Art Of Darkness, but I want to go through the site that pays you the most. Do you have a recommendation? Also, thank you for the Skeletorislove page; I discovered it around the time you were transitioning to this site, and I sincerely appreciate your humor and look forward to supporting your book release!

S. Elizabeth says

Hi Heather! Your comment just made my day--thank you so very, VERY much! You know...I am a terrible business person, I honestly don't even know what site pays me the most! I would say that if you want reasonable shipping, you might want to go with Amazon, or see if your local bookstore can order it for you! If you're in the US and would like a signed copy and don't mind paying priority mail shipping, you can buy it directly from me (I have one or two left) and the link for that is here https://unquietthings.com/buy-my-book/

Thank you so much for your interest in my various projects!!

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