The Art of Fantasy now has a Korean-language edition! So this was actually a crowd-funded project, I guess? It looks as if all three of my books were crowd-funded by this particular Korean publisher. That’s wild!



I probably wouldn’t be so ridiculously excited to receive these foreign language editions of my books if I hadn’t had to fight so hard for the publisher to send them to me. It still feels quite novel and thrilling!
Ah, that’s silly. I’d be excited regardless.



I love this About the Author translation: “S. Elizabeth is a writer and curator who pursues decorative beauty. Her essays and interviews on esoteric art are published in [a whole bunch of stuff] …and her shaman culture blog ‘Anxious’, which covers music, fashion, horror, nostalgia, sadness, etc…”

My blog ‘ANXIOUS’. I have never felt so seen.


Melissa Kojima says

Congrats! How funny that this is the "ANXIOUS" blog! Love it!!

S. Elizabeth says

...and I do believe a Japanese edition of The Art of Darkness is being released (at least over on tomorrow!!

Emera says

That is so cool, congratulations! "Shaman culture blog ANXIOUS" <3

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