HOLY OTHERWORLDLY DARKNESS! I have an interview up with Beautiful Bizarre Magazine today!

Thank you, Elizah Leigh for your fabulous questions tuned to “the key of melancholy”, to get to the “shuddering heart” of things– this was such a treat! (And man, Eliza just GETS IT.)

Folks and friends who have been curious about *either* of my books, whether The Art of Darkness, published this month, or The Art of the Occult, published in 2020–this spectacular interview is teeming with images from BOTH books!

“So pour yourself a cup of something deliriously depressive to balance out the macabre yippie-kai-yayyy endorphins that this interview will surely flood the pleasure center of your brain with.”

Underworldly, Otherworldly or Otherwise: Author S. Elizabeth on The Art of Darkness

art above, L: Rachael Bridge / R: Jana Heiderdorf

Melissa Kojima says

That was such a great interview. I loved learning that you come from a family of artists, that you worked in your stepfather's occult bookstore, and that you have honed your writing skills on so many great websites and blogs. I'm so glad Quarto asked you to create these books and that they are great to work with. I love my 2 books and look forward to the 3rd one.

S. Elizabeth says

Thank you for saying so! Not all of those situations worked out in the greatest ways, but I guess I had to go through what I went through to get to where I am! This is not to say, "hey, look at me over here, this amazing person, doing amazing things! but rather, "wow, I never thought this would be something I'd get to do!"

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