Cover art by Henri Lievens for Le charretier de la mort (1961) by Selma Lagerlof.

I’ll be perfectly honest with you. Sometimes these blog posts I share here are entirely fueled by spite. I don’t really have anything to say other than, “hey, you know that thing you posted on your 500K-following creepy art Instagram page? And it got thousands of likes? Even though you didn’t provide the name of the artist or the tiniest amount of information about it? Yeah, well fuck you, you lazy piece of shit.”

Ahem. So. Henri Lievens, people!

A Belgian painter and illustrator of moody, eerie, surrealist works of horror imagery and gothic imagination, Henri  Lievens joined the studio of Editions Marabout (a French publishing House that later integrated into Hachette) and produced more than 200 covers, as well as interior illustrations and photographic montages. He was mainly responsible for the cover illustrations of the Marabout Fantastique and Marabout Science-Fiction collections. A list of his works can be found here.

That took like 5 minutes and was cobbled together with data from some French Wiki entries and Italian blogs. These days, a child can do that. So what’s your problem, you stupid Instagram account who will never see this because I am passive-aggressive and I also don’t even remember which account I am mad at anymore?

Anyway, a quick google search will pull up tons of these lurid covers if you are interested in seeing more, but below are a few of my favorites, and where possible, I linked to the actual book if you are interested in that as well.

Cover art by Henri Lievens for La colère végétale by Monique Watteau


Cover art by Henri Lievens for Laraignée (1969) by Hanns Heinz Ewers


Cover art by Henri Lievens for La Malvenue by Claude Seignolle.


Cover art by Henri Lievens Le Fantôme de Canterville by Oscar Wilde


Cover art by Henri Lievens for Le joyau des sept étoiles by Bram Stoker


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