27 May


I found a lovely violet-hued gin this afternoon and would love to make something nice with it, but I’m rather a dud of a mixologist. I’m tempted to concoct a potion with elderflower liqueur and crême de violette and lavender bitters just so I can call it “The Secret Garden”, but something tells me that I am trying to mix in too many things and the end result might not be  verypleasant. Any ideas for me?

Impaire says

i'd dispense with the elderflower and add some lemon juice, and you would have something quite lovely!

S. Elizabeth says

Yeah, that elderflower can be awfully sweet!

Liz says

I would add some rosemary and grapefruit juice with possible a splash of seltzer to bubble it up.

S. Elizabeth says

Oooh, any excuse for grapefruit juice...what a great idea!

Impaire says

Grapefruit juice is also a lovely partner for elderflower! Gin, elderflower, grapefruit, and some bright bitters, with our without the selzer, would be light a refreshing with just a hint of mystery...

MJ says

Blackberry and Cucumber and tonic.

steph says

that gin looks amazing!

how about a good dash of elderflower liqueur and then top with Prosecco?

or you could have it simply w lemon/lime/grapefruit juice and either tonic or soda (aka seltzer where you are)... elderflower and gin is a marriage made in heaven so wouldn't go amiss here either

or - seeing as it's purple! - you could mix one part gin w/ 2 parts white vermouth and steep a few sprigs of lavender in the mixture over night, then strain into glasses and serve either neat w lots of ice, or add tonic or seltzer.

I could go on (love gin cocktails) but just one more (a fancy one) - make a juniper syrup: in a small saucepan, bring 3oz sugar, 3 fl oz water, and 1tbs juniper berries to the boil, then using a fork mash them slightly in the liquid, and leave to steep until completely cold. strain into a sterilised bottle or jar, and keep in the fridge.
to assemble: 3 parts gin, 1 part lemon juice, and juniper syrup (2tsp per glass), lots of crushed ice. yum!

S. Elizabeth says

This all sounds amazing! Traveling now, but definitely going to give the prosecco idea a shot when I get home <3

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