25 Jun

the strangled darkness from ghoulnextdoor on 8tracks Radio.

A new mix for Saturday night’s pulsating phantasms

Track list: Jenny Hval, Female Vampire | Hypnos, Chelsea Wolfe | Feed, blood candy | BLOOD, Sidewalks and Skeletons | Hex Me, Cerulean Veins | Feel, THE SOFT MOON | A Life Worth Leaving, Nightmare Fortress | Misunderstood, Elysian Fields | THE KNIFE, Arrows Of Love | All Your Sisters, Open Wide, The Flenser | En ensam vandrare, Anna von Hausswolff | Killer, Psychic Rites | Never Enough, Cult Club | Sky is Hell Black, Has a Shadow | Opus Tenebris, Horror Vacui | Black Cathedral, This Cold Night | Moan River, Shad Shadows | Haunted Keys, Nightcrawler | Follow, Black Heart | Spectral Bliss, New Grave | Dream Ceremony, Ghost Noise | L’esprit De L’escalier, M‡яc▲ll▲ | I’d Rather Not, Ritual Howls | Silver Thread Of The Sun, A DEAD FOREST INDEX

image: Vampirella #3, “I wake up screaming”; art by Billy Graham

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