this, that, and the other thing {xxxvi}

8Agnieszka Osipa: Fashion Where Slavic Folklore Reigns

mr-rogers-sweater-colorsThe colors of Mister Rogers’ cardigan sweaters, 1979-2001

frances-glessner-leeHow a Chicago Heiress Trained Homicide Detectives With an Unusual Tool: Dollhouses

Tyler-Thrasher-cicadasArtist, Chemist, Goofball: Catching Up With Tyler Thrasher

What If Disney Princesses Wore Comme des Garçons?
Self-Care Tips From Yoko Ono
David Lynch’s Heroines Like You’ve Never Seen Them Before
Emily Dickinson’s Herbarium: Forgotten Treasure at the Intersection of Science and Poetry
A Horror Buff’s Great American Roadtrip
Making Perfume From the Rain
11 of the Most Disastrous Vacations in Literature
The Devil’s Farmhouse: A Maltese Ruin Steeped in Myth
Some video games are not about narrative or conflict, but a solitary space for players.
Going Home to Twin Peaks
DONUT DISTURB: Get the donut-defended privacy you so rightly deserve

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