Some stuff and things that I’ve found interesting and/or insightful. It’s been awhile since I’ve done one of these round-ups, it looks like the last one was over a year ago!

Short Horror Films by Women to Stream Right Now
Self-soothe with this video of a 120-year-old book of fairy tales being restored.
How Leonora Carrington Feminized Surrealism
Your Guide to Not Getting Murdered in a Quaint English Village
Turkey embarks on cultural mission to preserve its fairytales
17 Iconic Fashion Moments in Science Fiction and Fantasy
Reconstructing the Menu of a Pub in Ancient Pompeii
Could Unsolved Treasure Hunts be the Answer to Pandemic Boredom?
100,000-year-old story could explain why the Pleiades are called ‘Seven Sisters’
I Just Want to Hang Out in the Wardrobe
HoloVista: Mixed Reality Magic
Geologists Discover Agate With Cookie Monster Hidden Inside When Split Open
How “Promising Young Woman” Refigures the Rape-Revenge Movie by Carmen Maria Machado
Things That Made Me Happy This Week from Victorian Hairworker, Courtney Lane
Thoughts On Blogging Every Day For A Month from Wyrd Words & Effigies
Octopuses sometimes punch fish out of spite

Katie says

It has MADE MY WEEK to be featured on this list!! Thank you lovely! X

S. Elizabeth says

I was SO inspired by all of your efforts and offerings lately (well, and always, OBVIOUSLY) and shhhhhh I don't want to say it too loud, but I think I am going for blogging every day in the month of February!

Katie says

This makes me very, very, very happy indeed!! :D

Melmeister says

The Maureen Johnson article is everything, and I am fairly certain that she is your literary doppelganger.

S. Elizabeth says

Wow, this post is so far back, I don't even recall this article! I'll have to give it another look!

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