9 May

I spend a lot of time reviewing and recommending and celebrating the creations of others– and I love to do it! – but for the next few days leading up to my birthday, I am going to spend some time honoring and giving lots of love to my own work.

From the sheer number of people who say to me “I didn’t know it was you who did that!” it’s obvious that I need to toot my own horn a little more. I would say, “I hope you’ll indulge me” but that’s weenie-Sarah speaking.

Instead, I will step up and say WITNESS AND REJOICE IN MY TOOTLING FRIENDS! Because you wouldn’t be here if you were not my friends and you are happy to drink my own Kool-Aid with me for a little while! I think!

Anyway, going way back, in case you didn’t know…

-Did you know I began life, more or less, as akissofshadows on LiveJournal? Did we know each other back then? I changed usernames several dozen times, but that pilfered Laurell K. Hamilton title was the one that began it all.

-Did you know I have been blogging for 20+ years now, in some form or another? And I still do! I have written for myself in all my blog’s incarnations, and I have been a guest blogger and a staff blogger for: Coilhouse, bloodmilk, Death & the Maiden, Dirge, Haute Macabre, and Thespiai.

-Did you know I was the creator responsible for Skeletor Is Love?

-Did you know I was the co-creator of the Occult Activity Book Vol. 1&2?

-Did you know I successfully ran Death Cafe events for a couple of years?

-Did you know I have a YouTube channel, a Patreon, and a newsletter?

-Did you know I spearheaded the solving of a decades-long art mystery involving the cover art for a beloved book?

-Did you know I have written and published and put my heart and soul into three books of mystical, magical, fantastical art?

I am happy to chat and share more about any of these experiences!

Albert says

Well, I think your books are wonderful. I read Occult and Fantasy so far, and can't wait to finish the trilogy. Not only are they well written, but they are informative and educational, without ever slipping into pedanticism. I love your contemporary perspective on artworks from the last 500 years, whether fine or illustrative art. I often wonder if you choose the art to match your prose, or you write to suit the artwork. Either way, it blends seamlessly into a wonderfully creative volume of thoroughly enjoyable reading.

Melissa Kojima says

I love that you're tooting your own horn. You've done some amazing work. I have been following your writing for a few years now, and of course, I'm drinking your Kool-Aid! Happy birthday! I hope you have a wonderful celebration. I have a few Taurus friends and will have fun celebrating with them.

idolon says

I think I've been enjoying your writing since back in the Coilhouse days; I honestly can't remember - but your corner of the web remains one of my favorite sources for the dark, artsy, unsettling, and mysterious. Thank you for all that you do, and best wishes for a happy birthday!

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