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Life is so funny sometimes! How one connection sparks the next, how distant souls find one another, how reading a stranger’s words, late one lonely winter’s night, can lead you to peeking into the life of a brand new stranger–a life of haunting elegance and filled with beautiful objects and exquisite creations–and, as it happens, a stranger who is a genuinely beautiful human, and who, over the years, becomes a very dear friend.

That is how I came to know Mathyld.

In her Parisian atelier, Mathyld handcrafts potent jewels and portable magicks as Under The Pyramids, inspired by nature, magick, lost civilisations and times immemorial. Working with sustainable, locally recycled silver, each and every creation is entirely handmade, every step of the way – sawn, soldered, hammered, stamped, oxidised, polished, etc. Each jewel is thus slightly different than the next, making them all individual and unique vessels to imbue with your own, personal magic and intimate enchantments.

We have kept in touch these many years, checking in with each new project, always curious as to what the other was up to, and eternally full of support and love for one another. Mathyld is a gem and a treasure, and I am so happy to know her. And I’m especially thrilled that she has agreed to do an interview for Unquiet Things, so that you can get to know her, as well!

I do hope you enjoy reading more about this wonderful creator and her extraordinary creations, and what’s more, she has generously agreed to a giveaway, as well! Please leave a comment on this post to be entered for a chance to win an Algiz Amulet, conjured by Mathyld herself, just for you! A winner will be chosen for this runic symbol of protection, one week from today, on Friday June 22nd.

runic algiz 1
GIVEAWAY! Algiz Runic Amulet (chain 42cm / 16,5 inches) – recycled sterling silver.  Algiz is a powerful rune, symbol of protection.

Unquiet Things: You call your works “portable magicks”– I love the idea of  enchantments and charms that travel with you! Can you tell me more about this concept and how it ties in with your own practice and guides your artistry?

Mathyld: If you were to open my bag, you would find many gems and crystals, neatly tucked into little pouches, as well as other tiny items I consider like talismans – a sterling pendulum, a vial of water I collected in a cave, a black miniature Swiss Army knife my brother gifted me when we were teenagers, as well as a rose-wood knife Thomas Cowgill / King Dude offered me. I instantly feel better knowing that they are with me. I have always been like that.

I gather energy from within the things I can see and feel. The seasons, the elements, the cycle of the Moon… All of these things have a huge impact on our lives and I try my best (not to influence them) but to respect them as I know that they are the forces that feed me.

The sort of Magick that we practice – I do magick with my husband – is very simple. We mostly do protection magick, using candles, resin incenses, gems and organic herbs.

So, when I started crafting jewels, it was necessary for me that they had, not only a visual elegance, but to also infuse them with a meaning and properties.


rotas under-the-pyramids-Draculas-guest1


I’d love to hear about your most recent collections – the runic amulets and, separately, the handfasting cords? Are new collections inspired a by personal need for such things, or external influences/customer requests?

Some pieces were indeed inspired by bespoke jewels I have crafted. But they were never completely new pieces, rather evolutions. For example, I used to craft any Rune from the Elder Futhark alphabet and Medieval Runes of Healing and Magick. One day, someone asked for a Bind-Rune (a symbol constituted of the association of two or more Runes). I then considered adding this option to my collection.

That being said, in the vast majority, my creations do come from a personal need. Everything started with the urge to find Runic pieces that would be both elegant and discreet. I looked and couldn’t find any and so, decided to create my own. Many a time have I dreamt to visit Scandinavia and wander among the stones, discovering the petroglyphs. I was first fascinated by the runes, then came the symbols and this is how my Petrolgyph collection was born! After daydreaming about these little ships, suns, elks… I decided to bring them « to life » and within a week-end, they were born!

The handfasting cords were also the consequence of a personal need. For our handfasting ceremony in the woods, Jef and I originally planned to use a handspun yarn to which the spinner was going to incorporate some elements we sent them. These consisted of chosen gems and antique-looking charms I crafted and stamped with our favourite runes. However, said embellished yarn got lost in the Post…

At that time, far away from everything and everyone, I had an Epiphany and remembered a gorgeous yarn that my friend Drucilla spun for me many years ago. Off-white with some delicate splashes of very light celadon blue (“Something olde, something new, something borrowed and something blue”) … It just made sense! The night prior to the wedding, we embellished it with our gems and charms. We couldn’t have dreamt of a better cord!

I contacted Drucilla a few months later with this idea in mind. I wanted to offer this option to others. Handfasting echoes with nature, yet beautiful handcrafted cords made of natural materials are so hard to come by!

Photo by Helena Aguilar Mayans
Photo by Ellen Rogers

You have worked with some extraordinary creators over the years -photographer Ellen Rogers, and musician King Dude, for example. What was that like? How do these collaborations come about?

I am utterly lucky! (Maybe it’s all this Portable Magick I always carry).

I met Ellen through my best friend, Diane Schuh (an astounding artist herself) and was thrilled that it led to an opportunity for us all to collaborate together.

For King Dude, I once woke up in the middle of the night to find out that Thomas (KD) ordered a Nauthiz Vördr necklace from me. I was ecstatic as I had been following his work for years. When we met, he told me that the necklace already was one of his most precious possessions. I will always treasure that memory. I then asked him if he would be interested into a little collaboration and was blessed by his acceptance.

Finally, new pieces, coming soon, will be inspired by one of my favourite bands.


Photo by Ampelopsis Photography

What’s your studio like? Do you prefer to create in a private quiet, or do you need some sort of stimuli (conversation, music, maybe a movie playing in the background?)

My bench is antique, made of dark, solid wood. I ​bought it second-hand from a jeweller who was retiring and I renovated it myself. The smell of turpentine oil and wax was intoxicating. My favourite hammer is also made of beautiful wood and belonged to my late father. I have that profound need to surround myself with beautiful, meaningful objects. The scent of resin incense or essential oils often fills the air and candles can be found burning from time to time. My studio is no different than any other room in the flat in the way that dried bouquets are scattered everywhere.

Concerning the soundscape, I definitely couldn’t create in a private quiet. However, it is difficult for me to focus on precision or dangerous tasks – like drilling, soldering, stamping… – while listening to something. I have a very intense reception to music, so most music I like tends to drive me a tad too over excited and sadly, if I try to follow a podcast my mind instantly wanders. So that leaves me with series or films that I have already seen and love. Strangely enough, series seems to work ideally. I usually don’t mind missing details because, if I truly enjoy them, I know that I will watch them again with my husband!

Photo by Helena Aguila Mayans
Photo by Helena Aguila Mayans
Photo by Helena Aguila Mayans
Photo by Aryhadne

You note that your adornments are inspired by “nature, magick, lost civilisations and times immemorial. mist and forests, ruins and megaliths”. I’d love to hear some more about these passions! Can you give us specific examples to give us a feel for these soul-stirring inspirations? Art, literature, film, places local to where you live?

Reading about folklores and legends is one of my fondest thrills. Ancient civilisations – Native American, Egyptian, Pre-Colombian, Norse, etc – fascinate me and in particular the similarities between symbols found across different cultures. I recently got the chance to re-visit my mother’s breath-taking homeland, the Eastern Townships (Québec, Canada) and New-England. I felt an instant, deep connection. New pieces will be inspired by the history of these lands. I strangely get the same feeling of connection when I visit the UK, especially the Lake District, where the nature is tremendously beautiful. Old English lore is also truly fascinating. Ellen Rogers recently introduced me to a text that already inspired a new piece.

I also tend to get very emotional in museums, whenever I come across a piece that really touches me – usually XIXth century art, Pre-Raphaelite and suitors, Arts & Crafts movement – I start shedding tears. Art has that powerful effect on me.

Film-wise, one of my heroes is Guy Maddin, especially his work in the 90s, very early 2000s. I have admired his work since I saw Careful back in 1996.​ His style, inspired by German Expressionism, his painting over the negatives technique, his surreal yet elegant decors made of paper mache… Everything in his work was responding to questions I never realised I was asking myself.

That said, I also love to travel and discover areas that are closer to me, museums, house museums, caves, ruins, old Castles, churches, parks, etc. Coming from Paris there are indeed many fascinating places to visit. But I try to favour the less known, quieter places.
I recently took my husband to the French Kings & Queens’ Necropolis, in the Basilica of Saint-Denis. The crypt there is painfully eerie. I love house museums, too. There is that little house and garden museum, not far from where I come from that I absolutely adore. XIXth century entomologist Jean-Henri Fabre lived there. All his life he studied nature, collecting insects, shells, plants, minerals… His house is filled with his collections, notebooks and sketches. A personal Natural History Museum nested inside a tiny Provençal house, complete with a quiet, sheltered garden. A true gem!

Not far from my husband’s hometown is a breath-taking cave. One walks through many different caves filled with stalactites and stalagmites of all kinds and even an atoll… One of the most otherworldly experiences I’ve ever encountered.

Brittany is another area that never fails to mesmerise me; the megaliths are glorious, the ocean moody and the nature so very lush…

I am unsure how all of this translates into my work, but some details are rather evident: ​the importance to create everything from scratch, ​symbols from ancient ​civilisations, natural history & antiques collections ​(vials Talismans ​filled with gems and elements found in nature) etc.

I am unsure how all of this translates into my work, but some details are rather evident: ​the importance to create everything from scratch, ​symbols from ancient ​civilisations, natural history & antiques collections ​(vials Talismans ​filled with gems and elements found in nature) etc.

Find Under The Pyramids: shop // instagram // facebook // tumblr

phoenix says

Thank you for this interesting portrait and showcase of art. Algiz is especially important to me, since it's a rune to which I have a personal connection. Not only as a sign of protection, but also in its meaning of listening to the moment, the current situation, and gauging what's necessary (like a moose stepping into a clearing, being aware, being wary). Blessed be.

Kingvonking says

Absolutely love her pieces. Would love to support her work and get a necklace but my student budget doesn't allow me to

Iris Towery says

Thank you for talking about the process of Mathyld's work. I'm curious about the recycled silver, how did Mathyld start working with that? Regarding the House of Jean Henri Fabre, I remember for the first time becoming interested in his insects after reading some essays by Colette where she mentions his studies in the most luminescent of terms. And now I'm reading about the Grandes Canalettes caves and their website makes them look like a subterranean dreamscape, a new spot to mark on my bucket list map.

Aliénor says

This lady seems so talented. I've been following her for a year now, dreaming about getting one of her beautifully crafted jewelry. Magick is about genuinely putting your soul into your work, and as she make everything from the very beginning to the very end, her work is deeply magical. Also Algiz is my favourite rune, it is the first one I felt something for and now have a deep connection to it, so thank you very much for that giveaway!

Lorelyne says

How magical it is to get to know more about Mathyd through you and this interview. A great way to come accross to your universe too, I feel lucky for these both.
Like discovering a discreet and ancient door never seen before, opening on an entirely new world to explore : a delight for sour eyes, believe me.
I gladely participate to this "chance-race" and try my luck to add another charm from Under the Pyramids to my personal magicks. Thank you for this.

Jean says

So perfect.

Marilyn says

These pieces are perfect. You can tell they're really imbued with meaning. Thank you both for such a lovely interview and such potent work.

Pauline says

I felt drawn to the art of Mathyld on the first second I've seen her creations. Her pieces tell stories, it seems they carry a past with them, a memory to share.
Thank you for sharing this interview, I'm glad I know a bit more about her now.

Jantine says

What a lovely interview! I’ve been following Mathyld’s work for quit a while now and am always inspired by her pieces and collaborations with other artists.

Rebecca says

What an interesting interview, thank you! I have been fascinated with runes for several years now and am very drawn to Mathyld's work. I'm happy to find such elegant, mystical pieces available to purchase. Thank you again, I always enjoy your articles.

Holly says

I loved this article, I follow this lovely lady on Instagram and never fails to inspire me with her jewellery.
Algiz is a particularly sentimental tune to me, when I first started venturing out in the world of magic, I came across this rune during a particularly difficult time and has remained with me since! I write it on books, my workspace and even my bag! So having one as an amulet would be incredible!
Both of you keep up the wonderful work!
Love to you. ✨

Kaitlyn says

This was a wonderful interview. I learned much from it. Thank you for sharing it with us.

Dakota says

Absolutely love her work so much! I have an algiz rune tattooed on the back of my arm, so her pieces really speak to me. 🖤🖤🖤🖤

Löu says

Mathyld is one of my favourite living beings.
we met through a common friend of ours many many moons ago, secretly admiring and impressed by each other, yet too shy to get in touch and more personal until 2015 or so. it is always very intriguing when you meet someone you feel very connected to without being able to pinpoint why or how. it is beyond rational understanding. it makes these relationships infused with magick.

she is a deeply moving, sensitive and delicate person and i think it translates well in her jewellery. so much so that i want the people dearest to my heart to have a piece of hers to carry around like Mathyld would do with her crystals and other sacred objects.
there really is something very ethereal and peculiar about her runes & other talismans that i have not found or felt in any other rings & necklaces.

thank you for the interview you did together. Mathyld truly deserves more visibility and i hope that people knowing a bit more about her will grasp even a tiny bit of the power & soul held in what she crafts.

Eugenia says

Thank you for this interview. I am in love with Mathyld’s work not only because it’s just beautiful but it also gives you a feeling that you’re special and you’re wearing jewelry that was made personally for you that is kinda cool.
It was also interesting to read a little bit about Mathyld’s studio and i think i felt that smell haha. Is it possible to see a short video of process of crafting Mathyld’s jewelry one day? It would be so great imho :)

By the way, i already have Algiz amulet but it would be nice to win the second one and to gift it to my mom ^^

Zoe Joslin says

absolutely LOVE all Mathyld's pieces, and adore the algiz rune. My mom and her coven sisters have it tattooed on them !

Alex says

I like your work very much! So beautiful

Laerke says

What a lovely article/blog :) I love her work and have a necklace of her beautiful work. It's so nice ro read about her inspiration like this. And about your relations :)

Ana says

So delicate ! I love everything about those talismans

Courtney M. says

Such stunning pieces, & a wonderful interview!

à voir etc... says

Mathyld is a precious person. Her talent is incredible. And I love her 🖤 You wrote a beautiful article and I thank you. I will take part of your giveaway. Every piece is mystic...

Daria says

This interview is very interesting! Thank you very much for this article and thanks to Mathyld for her wonderful jewelry!

Sofie says

I really wish I myself had the fortitude to create something like this, I always feel so envious of people who have the ambition to follow their dreams in life.

Also, beautiful work. For me, Algir is the most powerful rune, and I have it immortalized on my body for life, in form of a tattoo. Would love to win this necklace, it would definitely be my every day piece of jewelry.

Annika says

I've been mesmerised by their jewelry forever, really nice to get a closer look at the person behind the art too. Really inspiring and fascinating!

Lili says

Amazing pieces of art.
Refined feminine sensitivity is masterfully accomplished.
Love the interview and the beautiful necklace.

Allison says

What amazing talismans! Thank you for always having such interesting and wonderful posts, I always look forward to visiting your blog.

Shana Stein-Novinski says

I love that her pieces seem dainty but have such intense meaning.

Ashley says

Ever since I saw the sator square necklace I have been in love with her work. Such beautiful and powerful pieces, yet I've never looked further into the woman who created them. This interview was fascinating. I always gain such a deeper appreciation for an artist after learning about them and what inspires them, and I will forever love people who take the time to interview and invite others to learn about creators. Thank you for this interview and for this fantastic giveaway. Algiz is my forever favorite, practicularly because I'm always drawn to symbols of protection.

Harley says

What a beautiful post! I had never heard of her work before but am now very much coveting it!

Misako Mimoko says

Thanks for this amazing interview! Love Mathyld and her stunning works. Everything she creates is magical and beautiful ❤❤❤

Silvana Alves says

Such a wonderful interview 🖤
Mathyld works of art are so beautiful and my favorites are indeed the ones with the Algiz rune, my favorite one, so I had to take a chance in this giveaway.
It would be amazing to carry this portable magick necklace 🖤

Aryhadnë says

I feel so lucky to could have collaborated with this absolutely kind and beautiful human being.
I'll be forever in love with her work, her portable magick and her amazing, delicate and unique creations.
Congratulations for this glorious interview!
And I hope that Mathyld and Under the pyramids will be provided with love and light forever!!

Aley says

Oh wow, a King Dude collaboration too? Don't mind me, just goign to fill up my etsy shopping cart...

Anna says

What a gorgeous body of work and aesthetic! I loved this interview- truly davening, and her idea of surrounding herself with meaningful, beautiful things resonates with me.

Allison Felus says

I love reading about such inspiring creators! Thank you for introducing us to these wonderful artists that I may not have stumbled upon otherwise. Wow, how potent is her magic.

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