I don’t know about you, but every time my hair clogs up a household drain, I blame it on the vague presence of “paranormal activity”.  Curious as to how one might ooze the dark, casual style of a haute, haunted hairball? No? I don’t believe you! See below for an summary of the items used in the ensemble above, and as always, click on the images to see more details about where to buy.

Featured image: Coming For You by Feebrile

paranormal deets

eelorac says

Oh, Fluevog. Speaking of being haunted. When a pair of shoes catches my eye, about three-quarters of the time they turn out to be Fluevogs. Which I have loosely promised myself never to buy again, because I've been burned too often on uncomfortable shoes with hollow heels. But these are so pretty to look at.

I currently have a slow drain going on in the shower and I know it's my own hair but I'm also still spooked by it. I'm afraid of drains in general. When I was a toddler I flushed a cloth diaper down a toilet by accident and still remember watching in horrified fascination as my father took the whole toilet off the bathroom floor to extract the diaper from between the floor level and the hole to the dark underneath.

S. Elizabeth says

OMG! Observing such a complicated process probably would have traumatized me, too! And yeah...the only Fluevogs I've had any luck with are the "Pilgrims" (I think that's what they are called?) They are wonderfully comfortable, but the rest--ooof. No way. Can't do it.

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