25 May


I cannot believe it is almost the end of May already! I guess I’ve been busy, although I sincerely couldn’t even say what I have been up to, it’s all been a bit of a blur, really. I read some things, knit some things, had a bit of a milestone birthday and did some fun stuff, and today happens to be the birthday of my youngest sister.  Happy birthday to you, little toaster-mouth!

Speaking of knitting, it was my goal this year to tackle again those projects that gave me troubles in 2015.  Strangely enough, both of these patterns were by the same author, and the part that is really odd is that I normally love her designs and have no issues with them! I reached the conclusion that clearly, the problem here is me–my evidence being that when I slowed down, paid attention, and stopped being so careless and lackadaisical about things, they came together wonderfully. Featured above is the Chinquapin Wrap by Romi Hill and for those interested it was knit in Knitpicks Palette, a wool, fingering weight yarn. The color is “Briar Heather” and I think it was knit on size 5 or 6 needles. The previously finished problem knit was Terpsichore Street, also by Romi Hill.  Both of these have been gifted away.


Our garden is growing things!  Approximately 50 different kinds of kale, to be precise! Ok, let’s not exaggerate, it’s maybe three different kinds of kale. A few lettuces, some collards, peppers, green onions, eggplants, and even the cutest tangling green tendrils from the pea plants have begun to shoot up from the dirt.  I am basically just going to put kale in everything this summer, I guess.


Taking a page from Eaumg’s book, I’m trying to keep better track of my empties; that is, the products that I end up actually using completely, thus emptying the package or container. I’m very guilty of jumping on bandwagons and collecting beauty products that sit on the shelf, never being used–and that’s dumb. I’m wasting money and not reaping the (probably dubious) benefits of these potions and elixirs! So, no more of that. Last month I used up two masks and some various samples. I really liked the Tony Moly broccoli mask, it was cooling and soothing…even though the boyfriend suggested that it made my face feel weird and clammy afterward. Ha! The rest of it was ….meh. Nothing I would purchase for myself, though if I stumble across another sample of the Tatcha cleansing oil, I’d give it one more try. In the meantime, I’ve gathered up all my samples in an adorably tiny basket and placed them strategically in my bathroom so that I will actually remember to use them.


I’ve picked up this weird habit lately where I am reading three things at once + knitting on a thing. A Sunday afternoon basically looks like this: read a few poems from a slim book of poetry, read a chapter from a larger novel, read book one in whatever volume of whatever graphic novel, knit four or five rows, repeat. Then I get up and hop around a lot because my butt has usually fallen asleep by this point.

I recently finished You Can’t Pick Your Genre by Emily O’Neill, which was inspired by the Scream movies, and are described as “warnings, testimonials, declarations”. One reviewer describes it thusly: “These poems are not tropes, but triumphs. Instead of running up the stairs, they are charging towards the killer and digging a pair of scissors through the eyehole of his shitty patriarchal creep mask”. YES! I loved this book and these poems immensely.

Also: The Late Work of Margaret Kroftis by Mark Gluth. Themes of loss and grief and daydreams and stories within stories within stories. A series of vignettes, a chain of lives connected by death. Spare yet dreamy prose. SO many reasons to recommend this to so many people, and yet, I feel that I must warn you. Steel your sweet hearts. This is a rough one for sensitive readers.

Also pictured but not yet read: A Pillow Book by Suzanne Buffam and Cities I’ve Never Lived In by Sara Majka. Not pictured and not yet read, but it looks to be quite wonderful is In The Hours of Darkness by Katie Metcalfe, a lovely Swedish blogger.


I’ve been catching up on my movie watching over the past month or so and it seems like I’ve been able to cross quite a few off my list! Here are my one-word reviews:

We Are Still Here*–No
Road Games–Maybe
The House At The End of Time*–Yes
The Purge–No
The Purge: Anarchy–Maybe

*currently available on Netflix

To be honest, I’m a bit off my music game lately.  I’ve been listening to the same things for months now, which is fairly unusual for me because I’m constantly amassing new sounds, never listening to the same thing twice.  My current obsession is Ruby The Hatchet, a hypnotic, hallucinogenic, headbanging blend of compelling psych rock energy and thunderous melodies. For fans of Jex Thoth, Purson and the like.

What are you into now? What amazing things are you reading or doing or listening to?


Angeliska says

I love your blog, lady! It inspires me to revive my own much neglected corner of ye olde internet. I've also been meaning to wish you a very belated big birthday! I need to dig up your address, durn it! I hope it was so wonderful! Sending you much love and shiny stars, sweetheart.

S. Elizabeth says

Oh, thank you--that means so much! I know I go on about some seriously frivolous stuff sometimes, but I sort of look at it as the equivalent of puttering around the house. Do a little thing here, a little thing there...at the end of the day you didn't exactly get much done and you can't really tell the difference by the state of your house, but you sort of felt productive, right? You were exercising some kind of muscles, even though it didn't amount to much. So I write about what I'm doing, what I'm listening to, what lipstick color I just tried out--I'm not changing the world, but I'm still doing some kind of writing, dangit. It counts! Whoa, there. I sound defensive. I guess it's because I have to really try and convince myself that my nonsense counts for something, sometimes :)
And I cannot stress enough how much I love your blog, which tackles the important things, the big questions, and the beautiful stories and always leaves me goggle-eyed and full of wonder at our marvelous world and all of the folks, fierce and tender alike, who live in it.

theindygrrl says

Eldest, judging by your taste in books, movies, and music, ain't nothing frivolous going on 'round here.

Victoria says

I hope you had a great birthday.

I'm with you, where did May go? I had to do an invoice today and looked at the date and thought it was impossible. How is it the 25th?!

I also have "Cities I've Never Lived In" and haven't started it yet.

I'm a big fan of the broccoli mask, just because it's broccoli. I bought one at H-Mart that is "potato". I'm a fan of the veggie masks.

Thanks for the shout-out!

Sonya says

Ooh, can I get a few more words on We Are Still Here? It was on my to-watch list and now I may skip it... The Seattle International Film Festival started this week and I'm seeing 6 horror movies — will report on their goodness! (One is the Slenderman documentary) <3 <3 <3

S. Elizabeth says

I think it had an interesting premise--and it also had Barbara Crampton, so that's a big plus right there!--but something went weird and wrong with it. I really enjoyed the dorky mom and dadness of the main characters and the goofy new ageiness of their friends was kind of a hoot. So they were all fun to watch. It's just that...ok. I watch all kinds of things that don't make a damn bit of sense to me and for most part, I *welcome* that kind of viewing. But there were so many times when the movie just didn't come together for me and the ghostly bits just didn't make a lot of sense. And it all kind of fell apart near the end. I actually think you should watch it...and let me know what you think! I also can't wait to hear about the film fest viewing!

theindygrrl says


1. Your description of putting all those samples in a lovely little basket totally reminded me of Alexandra Stoddard. #sorrynotsorry

2. "Then I get up and hop around a lot because my butt has usually fallen asleep by this point." I am totally picturing you as being on a pogo stick here. Or else being Little Bunny Foo-Foo. Or else being Little Bunny Foo-Foo on a pogo stick.

3. What am I currently into? The music of Tim Grimm. He's a musician from Southern Indiana who sings about families and farms and the land and seasons. Naturally, I am in love.

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