• Sense8; actually this is just about the only thing I am watching right now.  A slow surreal sci-fi dip into “dreamy conspiracies and chimerical fellowship”, and is apparently lauded by critics as both a masterpiece and a disaster. All I can tell you is that this show makes me feel all of the feels. Which is pretty uncomfortable for me, I don’t mind telling you. And I love it.



  • Ghost, Meliora. I have been listening to this non-stop for the past month. And I will be seeing them again live next month!  I didn’t know if I was on board with this new album, but it’s pretty amazing…super catchy in a kind of syrupy, tricksy way, and this Dirge review really sums up my thoughts quite well.
  • Lana Del Rey, Honeymoon. Shut up. Whatever you are going to say, I don’t want to hear it. This album is sad and fucked up in an epic way. It is Lana gone full-Lana.




  • The Bitterroot Shawl, from knitty 2007 or something like that.  This is the third time I have knit this pattern, and I still love it.  I actually even added the beads on it this time, and despite that, and the fiddliness of the stupid yarn (warning: do not use knitpick’s Diadem for lace projects), I started and finished this in nine days. It will soon be off to its new home!
  • Next up: hats and scarves and wristwarmers – I’m actually getting started early on the holiday gifts this year!

Other than the above, (and the full time job which I never talk about because who wants to hear about that? Ugh) I have been busy with grandmother duty, a bit of writing and the odd guest blog here and there, the struggle with wellness and mental health, and getting ready for our trip to Portland next week. After that, there are lots of exciting things coming up in the next few months- the Ghost show, the Necromancy Art show at Gods & Monsters, Bat Boy the Musical, and Death Cafe Orlando! Though now that I see it typed out like that…it all looks rather exhausting.  And stressful.  Hm.

How is your fall shaping up? What have you been into lately and what looms on the horizon for you?  I want to hear all about it!


OTB says

Reading: Njal's Saga and Lady Chatterley's Lover (weirdo combo...).
(Re)-watching: The Ninth Gate and A Girl Walks Home Alone At Night
Knitting: I was going to make my fourth "Cascade Slouch Hat", but after winding up the yarn into a fall, I felt pretty meh about it. I think my knittingB mojo is suffering.
Perfume Adventures: I've oddly been wearing Lush's "Breath of God" quite a bit mixed with random incensey BPALs.
Planning: My trip to the far North!
Cooking: All kinds of madness from Blue Apron, it's like I'm a different human being that enjoys making dinner.

S. Elizabeth says

The Ninth Gate! God, I love that ridiculous movie! Now I want to watch it again, too. And A Girl Walks Home Alone At Night was really beautiful...given enough time, I could probably give that a re-watch as well. And I did it - I signed up for Blue Apron! I've got it set to start after we get back from Portland, I'll have to get back to you after I have had a chance to try out a few of them!

OTB says

It *is* a ridiculous movie, but yet it still holds up! Also, Emmanuelle Seigner as "The Girl" is my secret fashion icon, I wish I could have messy hair and a big military jacket and dirty sneakers and look half as good.

I look forward to hearing of your culinary adventures!

JW says

Fall way up here on the NW coast = RAIN. So much rain. There aren't any trees that grow naturally on this island that change colour in autumn, so during spring I bought & planted a maple tree. I guess because it's so young it changed colour pretty much overnight and now has lost most of it's leaves - a glorious; albeit brief, autumn transition. I hope for a break in the weather so I can get a head start on the back garden, if not I will pick up where I left off with my knitting last winter/thaw. Tiny-town life is not terribly exciting. I love autumn, but not exactly the autumn we get here. My parents watched a lot of British television shows when I was young so my idea of what fall should be has never been congruent with the way it actually is here. So I guess you could say I love/hate fall.
So glad you write...about all the things! I don't usually step outside my comfort zone when it comes to treats & luxuries, and by comfort zone I mean never getting past the self-built barriers of "I don't NEED-need this" which turns into "Well it probably suits someone more sophisticated than me" both of which translate into "I don't deserve nice things" But your blog & photos make it feel OK to buy something for myself. Thank you for that.

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