9 Dec


[Apologies for the wonky imagery. My very old laptop crapped out, and with it, my very old, not-very-legally-acquired copy of Photoshop disappeared forever. Now I am legit paying for it! But I’m still getting used to a new version.]

Greetings! Here are some frips I’ve been obsessing over this week. And let’s pretend I’ve been posting Friday Fripperies on a weekly basis instead of twice yearly, shall we?

1. Deandri “Roselle” dress (finally in a longer size!) $85 2. Ovate’s fleurs étrangères collection approximately $5-$125 // 3. Alice Roger Atelier Völva fringe earrings $45 // 4. Wormwood & Rue owl enamel lapel pin (pre-order) $10 // 5. Flannery Grace Spirit Orb necklace $300 // 6. Stay Home Club “Rotten” tee $25 // 7. DS & Durga Spirit Lamp perfume $72 (I own the candle–which is incredibly gorgeous–and was so excited to see they now offer it as a scent!)

JW says

^_^ I just received sample packs of almost all of DS & Durga's perfumes this morning (unfortunately Spirit Lamp wasn't available as a sample) they all smell so excellent that I'm rather tempted to buy Spirit Lamp in full size just to try.

S. Elizabeth says

Oooh...any favorites? I still haven't tried very many of them yet, except for Burning Barbershop (I think it was called?) and Mississippi Medicine, which I love. I also tried some from their Hylnds collection, but those...I did not love.

JW says

Bitter Rose, Broken Spear is my absolute favourite. I did not expect to like a rose scent so much, but the rose is very subtle. I could just catch a bare hint of it over the metallic, smokey, woodsy notes. It reminded me of the rocky beach where I grew up. Probably not what you picture when you think beach. I can send you a link to a gallery of photos by email if you'de like, but I prefer not to share my whereabouts on a public forum.

S. Elizabeth says

That sounds gorgeous! I think I tried that one before and it didn't do it for me, but then again, I am not much for rose, haha. And I would love to see your photos! Please feel free to email me at mlleghoul AT gmail dot com

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