13 Nov

Friday Fripperies


1. Zoologist Hummingbird Perfume $125 // 2. Appendage Accessories Bat Sleep Mask $22 // 3. Baba Studios Mythological Beasts scarf $95 // Charlotte Olympia suede clutch $1195 // Pyrrha sparrow ring $250 and petite butterfly ring $184

lau says

oooo that hummingbird perfume sounds interesting. have you smelt? i

lau says

also, errant i. i don't know what that's about. i'm very sleepy.

Victor Wong says

Hummingbird is a great intoxicating floral nectar perfume that doesn't smell overly sweet and cloying. Here's a great Youtube review: https://youtu.be/6K9sgHP206k

Neyon says

So beautiful & fascinating!

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