Now I imagine most people reading this blog are of an age where they can dress themselves and their wardrobe choices are no longer monitored closely or chosen for them.  You’re all probably folks who know what you like and have a snazzy sense of style and you don’t need someone – especially someone whose idea of formal attire is a polyester turtleneck with psychedelic mushrooms dancing all over it – giving you fashion advice. Fair enough.

So don’t consider this a “how to wear” column.  Even though that’s what I titled it.  I don’t mean to be confusing!  I’m simply sharing a few really cool tee shirts here and how I might style them, for folks like me, whose wardrobe is somehow 140% tee shirts and who can appreciate a fantastic, casually cut cotton top with killer graphics on it.

Please note that not everything here is budget-friendly.  Actually, there is not a single item listed that is budget-friendly…except maybe the tee shirts themselves.  I will not apologize for my exquisitely expensive tastes! And of course, there is a perfume paired with each!  I mean why bother even getting dressed, otherwise.

Unfortunately, while at one time I had a listing of every item used in these ensembles, the site that had that information no longer exists. RIP Polyvore.

Dracula tee shirt at


Windom’s Queens tee at 




Spider Baby tee at The Great Tee Shirt Store



Weird But Nice tee at Buy Me Brunch




Electric Wizard tee at Rockabilia ( sold out, apparently, but probably found elsewhere)




Zombie Rave tee at Phantasma Disques




London Sorcery tee at The Orphan’s Arms




Looks That Kill tee at We Love Fine


lau says

i would wear every single one of these ensembles in its entirety. well done.

Jenn B. says

I love Buy Me Brunch. I see a "I do what I want" or "Polite as fuck" tee in my future. And I adore your polyvore stylings!

S. Elizabeth says

You may like some tee shirts over at Stay Home Club, too!

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