I am very much a creature of habit, a quality that colors my everyday living and which also extends to my seasonal practices. Every year on the vernal equinox, I always try to wake up with the dawn, leave the windows open for the breeze, and engage in a handful of activities:

Plant a seed of some sort
☀ Find some divinatory direction with a spring spread
☀ A small spring cleaning (nothing too overwhelming!) Maybe magical or mundane!
☀ Make an eggy cheesy quiche with loads of spring vegetables.
☀ Make a little How To Wear The Spring Equinox ensemble (see here and here for some past ideas)

Today I woke up late and it’s raining, so I missed the sunrise and the windows are shut against the damp breeze. It’s been a long week and I don’t want to cook or clean!  I kinda just want to curl up on the sofa and read (I am finally reading The Secret History and it’s SO GOOD!)

But in the spirit of doing the one thing from my list that I have done without fail every spring equinox for the past decade, here is 2021’s How To Wear ensemble, full of blossoms, bunnies, butterflies, and budding, breezy spring magics. I don’t wear any pastels nowadays, but I always include bunches of them in these outfits. To indulge my inner child, I guess. Baby Sarah loved those tender, opalescent hues of lavender and seafoam, shell pink and powder blue!

Zimmermann Brighton Floral Dress // Ulla Johnson Beulah Cardigan // PS Kaufman boots // Samantha Chang lace briefs and bra // Baba Studio White Rabbit clutch // Miu Miu straw hat // Miu Miu cloud aviator glasses // Anna Sui eyeshadow // Regine de Fleurs Glass Blooms EDP // Julia DeVille rose fob pearl necklace // Jenny Kwon green sapphire ring // Rusty Thought Shelly diamond ring // Kataoka Cassiopeia opal ring // Jennifer Behr Allegra bobby pins

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