13 Feb
Ryan Heshka // “Voice of Bloom”


I’m unsure if I shared any artful ocular extravaganzas in the form of Eyeball Fodder collections at all last year, not even a single one! Well, here’s the first one of 2024, full of moody blooms, weird, staring faces, and just a general gathering of gorgeous, unnerving vibes.


Rosalie Lettau // “Choosing Flowers”


Alexander Reisfar


Jess McAran


Linda Larson // “Going Dutch”


Rachael Bridge // “Malevolent”


Tetsuhiro Wakabayashi // “The breath that overflows”


Nicole Duennebier // “CALIGO”


Shoko Ishida // “Eclipse”


Benjamin Vierling // “Rose Canina”


Dan Hillier

I am terribly saddened to hear that artist Dan Hillier has passed away. Dan’s was among some of the first works I fell in love with in my Tumblr era, circa 2009-2012 or so, when I was discovering and becoming enamored with all sorts of contemporary dark artists. Below are a few of my recent favorites from this brilliant creator, gone from us much, much too fucking soon.

Dan Hillier


Dan Hillier


Dan Hillier


Dan Hillier

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