15 Aug


I cannot even remember the last time I was excited about new music as I am La Femme Pendu’s debut album All Of Them Witches, four French lounge horror ballads,  inspired by women in horror cinema– for feminists, film freaks, and creatures of the night. For us!

I got a chance to chat via email with La Femme Pendu for an interview at Haute Macabre, which went live today. I highly suggest you give this glorious album a listen while perusing our Q&A!

Also, La Femme Pendu did a cover of Danzig’s “Mother,” and I have been listening to it for two weeks straight.

Daniel Tuttle says

A cover of "Mother" ♥️

S. Elizabeth says

I KNOW. And now that I am seeing your comment I am remembering it exists all over again, so I've got to give it like another 12 hours of listening <3

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