"All the Flowers and Insects", Toru Kamei (2013)
“All the Flowers and Insects”, Toru Kamei (2013)

The intro for our monthly installment of Links Of The Dead typically reads as follows: “Some deathly reportings I have encountered in the past month or so– from somber to hilarious, from informative to creepy, here’s a snippet of things that have come across my radar with reference to matters of mortality.”

This month I think I am going with: here’s a bunch of mostly depressing news brimming with heartbreak and despair. But some of it may be helpful or heartening, too. Don’t lose hope, friends. We will get through this.

"All the Flowers and Insects" Toru Kamei (2016)
“All the Flowers and Insects” Toru Kamei (2016)

(This month’s featured artist is such a favorite that I am compelled to include two images.)

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💀 People are finding new ways to say goodbye as the coronavirus pandemic limits ability to mourn
💀 Making Sense of Miscarriage During the Coronavirus Crisis
💀 Trouble Focusing? Not Sleeping? You May Be Grieving
💀 The Grief Cliché of the COVID Era
💀 A Course On Dying’s Claudia Crobatia on YouTube exploring the subject of mortality
💀 The Morgue Worker, the Body Bags and the Daffodils
💀 Playing Ophelia Helped Me Navigate My Own Grief
💀 A country-wide presentation of obituaries and death notices tries to frame incalculable loss.
💀 The unbearable grief of Black mothers

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