Image: J. DeBetz 1891
Image: J. DeBetz 1891

A gathering of death-related links that I have encountered in the past month or so. From somber to hilarious, from informative to creepy, here’s a snippet of things that have been reported on or journaled about in or related to the Death Industry recently.

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💀YES! Magazine–The Death Issue
💀Living a Year as if It Were My Last
💀What Should I Do With My Dead Dog?
💀I Couldn’t Say ‘My Mother’ Without Crying
💀Why You Need to Make a ‘When I Die’ File—Before It’s Too Late
💀I’m Dying. I Want Someone to Love My Husband When I’m Gone
💀Toni Morrison, Towering Novelist of the Black Experience, Dies at 88
💀I Deal With Grief Through Extreme Makeup to Make People Look at Me

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