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A gathering of death-related links that I have encountered in the past month or so. From heart-rending to gut-splitting (sometimes you gotta laugh, you know?) from informative to insightful to sometimes just downright weird and creepy, here’s a snippet of recent items that have been reported on or journaled about with regard to death, dying, and matters of mortality.

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💀Pushing Up Daisies: Why Grave Gardening Should be the Latest Gardening Trend

💀It’s Time for an End-of-Life Discussion About Nursing Homes

💀The oldest known cremation in the near east dates to 7000 BC

💀Why Good Intentions Still Aren’t Good Enough

💀17 people share the worst behavior they’ve ever witnessed at a funeral.

💀CHRONIC MORTALITY SALIENCE An Interview with Dr. Kenneth Vail

💀‘Call It Grief and Then See if it Changes How You View it’

💀Accessibility and Privilege in Grief Support

💀A Birthday Party At The Cemetery

💀The Effects of Grief On Children and How You Can Help

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