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A gathering of death-related links that I have encountered in the past month or so. From heart-rending to humorous (sometimes you gotta laugh, you know?) from informative to insightful,  to sometimes just downright weird and creepy, here’s a snippet of recent items that have been reported on or journaled about with regard to death, dying, and matters of mortality.

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💀 The Oral History of “(Don’t Fear) the Reaper”
💀 Autism and Grief: What to Do and How to Prepare
💀 Your Pandemic Sadness Is Called ‘Ambiguous Loss’
💀 Refusal to Mourn: In lieu of flowers, send him back
💀 The Best Books to Help You Cope With Death and Dying
💀 In Malibu, a Large Hole Is Being Dug to Contain Your Grief
💀 “It’s Your Funeral!” So Throw Yourself the Best Going-Away Party Ever
💀 Traumatologist on coping with tragedy: Let children feel how they feel
💀 What Is Thanatophobia? Understanding prolonged, excessive fear of death
💀 We Need To Talk About The Starling With Melissa McCarthy On Netflix
💀 Unexpected Influences: Loren Rhoad talks about her new memoir, “This Morbid Life”

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