I was not super consistent in creating videos for my little channel in 2021 so I thought I’d squeak in a quick one before the year ended. This one I call: “look at all my sparkly shit!”

I have such a hard time sitting in front of a camera and thinking up things to talk about, thoughts to share, observations to make. Writing comes much more easily to me than speaking, and so I typically would record a bunch of footage, script out what I’d like to say, and then record some voiceover. But that’s all A LOT of work. And also, typically, a massive amount of overthinking. And while it will naturally end up being more organized and thoughtful and articulate, well…that’s not how I actually sound in conversation, now is it? And I did actually want some of these videos to be chatty and casual like you’re just having a little visit with your friend. So I hope that’s how this one turned out, and I would like very much to just get over myself and my self-consciousness and do more of these in the new year!

In the meantime, I hope you’ll have a watch and like and subscribe and comment and all that other stuff that you’re supposed to say when you make a YouTube video!

In this video, the following jewelers and shops are mentioned…

Life After Death Designs jewelry hanger

✨Alexis Berger https://www.etsy.com/shop/AlexisBerger
✨Arcana Obscura https://www.arcanaobscura.com/
✨Atelier Narcé http://www.ateliernarce.com/
✨bloodmilk https://www.bloodmilkjewels.com/
✨Catbird NYC https://www.catbirdnyc.com/
✨Eternal Craft https://www.eternalcraft.org/
✨Flannery Grace Good https://flannerygrace.bigcartel.com/
✨Holly Bobisuthi http://www.hollybobisuthi.com/
✨moonflesh https://moonflesh.co/
✨Octopus Me https://www.etsy.com/shop/OctopusMe
✨Pyrrha https://pyrrha.com/
✨Tarina Tarantino https://tarinatarantino.com/
✨Theeth http://www.theethjewelry.com/
✨Under the Pyramids https://underthepyramids.com/

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