Ah, so here we are.  Spring break.  Which is a funny and deceptive phrase in the semi-tropics where I live, because truly, by the time the spring months roll around, it is already starting to feel like mid-summer.

I like the idea of being outside and going to the beach and so on, but I try to do it before the sun has risen or just as it’s beginning to set, for as a pale skinned person who hates to sweat,  that evil day star and I are not exactly on the best of terms. Also, I like being outside in the dim and dark hours because I am super weird about people looking at me.

So how does one pack/prepare for a melancholic holiday at the seashore? I have put together an etsy treasury to get us started!


Black crocheted umbrella // Fiji Mermaid solid perfume // shibori throw // Joy Division flask
Pacific photo // lucid dream caftan // tentacle pendant // lvnea lip balm
sea Witch ring // wide brim hat // jellyfish tee // black leather sandals
sea creature stationery // fern drawstring bag // black culottes // sea anemone iPhone case

For aural inspiration, I cannot recommend “Paper Butterfly” highly enough…

Megan says

Yep, it is official. You are my long lost twin! Yes to everything you wrote, yes to everything you listed in the treasury (except I'll take my sandals in faux leather please).

Also, did you ever look into swimsuits by Coolibar? (I think I remember suggesting these to you). They are pretty much the answer to all your problems. Except the sweating. Because Florida.

S. Elizabeth says

Megan, you know, I did at the time and then I completely forgot about it. Thanks for the reminder! Will have to give another peek...they'd better have it all in black!

Megan says

Haha I believe they have a mostly black swim shirt. The longer shirts that I like don't come in black though. I think the darkest those come in are navy. However, I bought one with a black & white medallion type print and that is good enough for me. Also, the swim bottoms come in black!

lau says

so good.

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