6 Mar

It’s recently come to my attention that a certain celebrity linked to a certain project for which I was responsible for a few years.  Which is pretty fantastic publicity…if I were still working on this project.  Still, it is nice to be noticed!

It has, however, created an uptick in interest in this project and an overwhelming cry of “please start updating again!” & etc.  Without being too wordy, let me tell you why that is not an option.

I don’t like to look back.

Skeletor is Love was a successful endeavor (Please note, I am measuring “success” by relative popularity, not profit. This was never intended as a mode of revenue and I never made a cent off of it)  which I created and I had fun with and actually did some good for the mental health community, but I always told myself that when it stopped being fun, when it started to become a chore, I would move on.  And I know a lot of people totally get that, and that’s great – thank you for understanding.

It was an amazing experience while it lasted, but I’ve wrapped it up and have moved on to other projects and wonderfully interesting things.  I have no wish to take a step back and work on something I’ve already done – I want to move forward and do new things, tackle new challenges! Starting work again on a project I am already finished with is not in the cards for me -it feels like taking a taking a step backward and I have come too far to do that. Also…I think you can tell when a creator/artist*/whatever no longer is really putting their heart into something, can’t you? When they are just going through the motions? I didn’t want to be that person who was no longer inspired or passionate about what I was doing, but continuing to crank out crap anyway. *And listen, yes, I know this was not art.  I’m not painting the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel, it was just a silly internet thing – I’m not under any delusions here.  Promise.

With regard to a question I get quite often, along the lines of why don’t I let someone take over admin duties for the page. Oookay…why don’t YOU put a lot of hard work into something that means a lot to you and then hand it over blindly to a stranger to screw around with?  Doesn’t sound so great, does it?  And no, I don’t know that someone would actually “screw around” with it, but the thing is just that:  I. Don’t Know. It would be totally out of my control and I am not at all comfortable with that.  Also – why not get your own project to spearhead? Why on earth would you want to take over something else someone has created, anyhow?  Create something of your own!

I thank you all for your support and encouragement and for all of the kind things you’ve said and all of your enthusiasm – I truly do.  But Skeletor is Love will not continue to update…and that is okay.  Things come to an end…and that is also okay.  It has to be, doesn’t it?  That is the way things go.  And then you do something new.  And so it goes.

SO: NEW THINGS!  What are you working on right now?  What are you planning to work on? I’m honored to have contributed to a few things that my excellent friends are working on this year; I am learning the entrelac technique with regard to knitting, I just hosted Orlando’s 2nd Death Cafe and am in the process of planning the third…and I am looking at this ukulele in the corner gathering dust and thinking on how I promised I would learn it and be able to play the Eagle’s ‘Desperado’ DEATH BURRITO parody.  I also have a hand-quilting kit that I have shoved on a shelf because I am afraid to look at it.

What are you into?

Ta says

This post resonated so strongly with me. To birth and to be involved in something so passionately; and then to move on to the next, and the next, and not look back. Yes yes yes. In the last several years, for me, it's been web design, belly dancing, natural homemade bath&body products, organic cooking(!) {i quite loathe cooking}. I *immerse*, I experience, I emerge, I evolve. :) On to the next!

Just lately, I've been finding myself obsessed with wild birds; attracting them to my little windows, studying the species that live locally, learning everything I can. I've also been more and more feeling the enjoyable urge to review and share beautiful, natural bath&body products that I favour/discover.

The cycle of creating/learning/mastering is profoundly fulfilling to me. There are far too many interesting, lovely things to do on this Earth before we part!

OTB says

Also, you enjoyed it and left the project before it became loathsome--you aren't a performing monkey--just because people are discovering it now and enjoying it is great, but you don't owe anybody anything. It is really nice to have the recognition though! And happily tuck it away and keep going.

I am curious to know more about the handquilting kit. I am getting back in to embroidery. And I am happy spring is almost here so I can get back to sitting outside and quietly enjoying the flowers. And maybe finally learn to paint.

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