So, I think my relationship with Stitch Fix has now come to a close. I’ve shared with you the ups and downs since our rosy beginning, the teeth gritting through our rocky, troubled middle, and our feeble, fumbling ending, so it seems fitting then, to document our last hurrah together.

Stitch Fix

After my last box, I sent in some pointed feedback, not exactly “wtf is this foolishness”, but…well, it was actually pretty close to that.  I received a response that they would wave the $25 per box fee on my next one, if I wanted to give it another go.

I didn’t think they’d send me anything really worth looking twice at, but it wasn’t going to cost me anything to look at it, so why not? Within a week, I had received a package containing the above items. Sally, my stylist, sent me four tops, and a dress, with some styling suggestions, per usual. A denim jacket, Sally? What am I, 10 years old in 1986? No denim jackets for me, thanks.


top1The Market & Spruce Bexley embroidered bib halter knit top, $48.  This is pretty cute, right? I’m not big on sleeveless tops–especially those of the variety that require a non-standard bra–but there was something about it that tricked me into thinking I could make it work. Maybe with a long gauzy black skirt? I liked the idea of that, but the reality of these sleeveless tops is that I am not comfortable in them unless I am wearing a cardigan with them. And it’s just too hot for that right now, and it doesn’t really look good with anything I own. Any suggestions for me? How might you wear this?


As I remarked on Instagram, what the hell is this picnic basket bullshit? It’s the Skies Are Blue Dory embroidery detail top for $54, is what it is and I hate it with every fiber of my being. It really does look like the lining of a picnic basket to me…or I don’t know…macaroni art, or something. Also, while it’s a halter, like the previous top, somehow the neckline is infinitely more hateful to me. Back in the box.


The 41Hawthorne Tova dress for $64 is probably a very pretty dress for someone with the right shape, however, it looks like a lumpy potato sack on me. Unflattering, if you’re not an actual lumpy potato. Aside from that, red+white+blue is not my favorite color combination. Returned.


Upon first gazing this Papermoon Paulette lace detail blouse, my instinct was to cringe but I can’t quite pinpoint why. I like the black lace, I don’t mind the colors, the black and that pink… but there’s something about daisies and polka dots that all that white space that makes me really twitchy. I feel like I need to pick up my kid from an extracurricular and meet up with the squad for a pottery painting + wine class, and then demand to see someone’s manager. Ack! None of those things sound good to me, shirt, so you’re outta here.


After two years (or however long, I lost count) on and off with Stitch Fix, I finally received the moody floral of my dreams. And so of course the Adelene top from Velvet by Graham and Spencer is the most expensive of the lot, at $128. Of course. I could wear this with black jeans or that long black gauzy skirt, and I don’t have to wear a ridiculous bra, and it’s almost like a Dutch vanitas painting, so that makes it perfect. This is the best that Stitch Fix can ever possibly do for me, so it is definitely time to call it quits, and I mean it this time!

RE: subscription boxes…what are you guys receiving? I am still getting periodic shipments of wine from Bright Cellars and that’s it! Well, except for a new one that I started, which is kind of fun, and I will fill you in on that one soon (hint: it’s horror-related, but not with a focus on cheap, tacky tchotchkes!)

Elle says

That's awesome, you don't like sleeveless items and every single item they sent you is sleeveless.
Those first two floral sacks are just fugly, it has nothing to do with your shape. Short sleeveless elastic waited anything should have died a miserable death in the early 90s.
I can't understand why they didn't send you some outdated stretchy skinny jeans and a cap sleeved peplum jacket to complete the humiliation.
Bleh. You're too stylish for this.

S. Elizabeth says

Yeah...I had originally started receiving shipments because I needed some work appropriate clothes (and I really resent having to actively shop for that sort of thing), but after 5 or 6 pieces, I really did have everything I needed, seeing as that I work from home, and I only need business clothing a handful of times through out the year. I think I just kept the account open because they kept giving me free credit! Sigh. I'm a sucker.

Tanya says

I tried one subscription service a while back, and it was so enragingly bad - like they paid ZERO attention to my comments of "I don't like wrap dresses, full skirts, sleeveless, or stiff synthetic fabrics." Everything in my box was boring AF, and included a WRAP DRESS WITH A FULL SKIRT. I've decided that for me, shopping for clothes is something I am actually good at, and while it would save a great deal of time to have someone pick out items for me, there is not a stylist in the world who would understand my nitpicky tastes, or the fact that one day I do want to wear all black, but another day I might be very much excited about a seersucker pant suit or a very bright floral skirt.

S. Elizabeth says

I share your dislike of wrap dresses and understand your rage! And I think you're right-- we are intriguing, enigmatic ladies and the understanding of us is best left to <3

Crowcharmer says

I've had good luck with MM LaFleur, who actually listened to my requests for "All black, no prints, no dresses, no skirts, no accessories." They're not the most exciting clothes ever and they're not cheap, but for office-appropriate lawyer drag basics that are flattering, they're fine.

S. Elizabeth says

You know, someone else told me about MM LaFleur, and I might actually look into it. I think most of the things I picked up from stitchfix are "sarah's idea from when she was 8 years old of what grownup professionals dress like" but not actually what a 41 year old woman should be wearing in a professional environment. I am going to look into it! Do you have some sort of affiliate link where you get credit if someone hears of it from you?

Crowcharmer says

I don't, but thank you for asking! I was kind of sold re: their "Clothing for professional women who hate to shop" line -- if it's books or shiny things, great, if it's work clothes, not so fun. While they tend to run out of sizes, they're good about filtering for what styles work for different body types and whether it is machine washable.

Shana says

I always pair sleeveless tops with these little shrugs I can find at a Rainbow or Target. They are usually cotton and usually come in white and black but I have a few other colors too. They always have short sleeve jacket things this time of year. I love them to cover my chunky upper arm and I don't sweat to death in FL!

Shana says

Oh and I love the first top and the last but $48 is too much for a tank and so is $128. I like my flowy tops to be in the $20 but if I super love it then maybe $30-35. That about max price for me!!!

S. Elizabeth says

That first top is an you think you want it? I will totally send it to you, if so! I wore it once and realized it just wasn't me.

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