23 Sep

I received my author copy of The Art of The Occult this week, and I’m so excited that this beautiful book (can I call my own book beautiful? I think I can, because it *is* a thing of beauty) will be making its way to the rest of the world in mid-October.

I’m so excited, in fact, that I may puke! Is this normal? Maybe, right? It’s a big piece of my heart and maybe a little morsel of my soul as well, bound up in these pages, and I hope that my passion for magic and mystery and beauty comes through in the words I’ve written, at least a little.

I’ve dedicated this book to the seekers, the dreamers, and the magic-makers, and I hope you all find inspiration, delight, and a breathless rekindling of curiosity each and every time you flip through these pages.

If I could have told little Sarah that she would have a published book on the shelf one day, she would probably murmur a spacey “yeah, I know,” and then disappear into whatever daydream world she was lost in.

As a child, I wrote little books and magazine articles all the time. I recall one provocative headline I wrote about how the earrings that Tina Turner wore in Mad Max made her head fall off!

As an adult, I am never not writing. It’s not always smart or beautiful or meaningful stuff, but I can’t imagine not taking moments every day to sort out on the page the things whirling around in my head. Did adult me ever know this might lead to a book on a shelf? I’m not sure. So I’ve got to thank little Sarah, that dreamy scribbling weirdo, for believing in me.

liz t says

I LOVE this little love letter/thank you card to your younger self. And because it needs to be said again, CONGRATS!!! You should be so proud of the many versions of yourself, especially the current one, that birthed this gorgeous book. I cannot, cannot wait to devour your words along with the surreal art (and snarky cats) like I have been doing for years on this blog. Wow. Years? ...wtf? :) Congratulations again <3


It's really wonderful. I'm so glad little Sarah helped and never stopped believing in you. I loved learning that you wrote such imaginative stories and articles as a child. That's awesome. Congratulations.

Ekho says

I love that this was the first thing I read when I woke up on Thursday morning. Never stop writing Sarah. 🖤

Moira says

Congratulations!!! I dream, from time to time, of having my poetry widely published. I've made lukewarm efforts here and there to submit single pieces, but have failed to have the tenacity to keep it up. You're an inspiration. Also saw the video of the book on Insta and it looks so lovely.

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