Riverside, Danny Flynn. As seen in The Art of Fantasy

Whether you tumbled down a rabbit hole, traveled via a traumatic tornado or magic train ride, or perhaps even found yourself caught up in the machinations of an artist’s daydream of strange terrains, opulent palaces, and enchanted forests– the very idea of wonderlands where adventure dwells sends the imagination soaring and sets the scene for unforgettably dramatic visuals.

Garden of Hope, James Gurney. As seen in The Art of Fantasy

Artists construct worlds and invite us to enter. A painterly brushstroke is a door left ajar, a peek behind the rustle of a curtain or in the mirror’s depths, through which we catch a glimpse of another world. In that spirit, here are some unbelievable views from the lush, imaginative neverworlds found in my forthcoming book, The Art of Fantasy (to be released into this realm in less than a month’s time on September 12, 2023!)

Dinosaur Beach, Frank Kelly Freas. As seen in The Art of Fantasy


De gouden stad (The Golden City), Johfra Bosschart. As seen in The Art of Fantasy


The Garden, Martina Hoffman. As seen in The Art of Fantasy


Fungus Gigantica, Bruce Pennington. As seen in The Art of Fantasy

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Cordelia says

Such beautiful artwork! Can't wait for the book

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