22 Jul

The Power Of Three

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Evelyn de Morgan

A few weeks ago I woke up to see that one of my sisters had posted the following on Facebook, along with the photo below.

“My mother was a DEEPLY flawed woman. She probably did the best that she could with what she had to work with at the time, but ultimately, her daughters still suffered quite a bit from the baggage and damage that SHE carried. That said, in the end, if she did ONE thing right, it was raising three girls that grew up to be each others’ VERY BEST friends. I know that she would be proud if she saw us now. I love my sisters.”

L-R: Me (eldest); Melissa (baby); Mary (middle sestra)

LOOK AT THOSE LITTLE WEIRDOS. There doesn’t exist enough or maybe even any language at all to express how much they mean to me. But then again, it’s probably beyond words anyway. I love them beyond anything I could write, or say or think, beyond bone, beyond blood, beyond time. Always and again, in every lifetime. And we’re probably gonna be fucked-up weirdos forever, in all of ‘em,

Anyway, it got me thinking about us and just how OFTEN I think of us. Certainly anytime I see a painting or an illustration with three women doing whatever, or three kids looking strange and derpy…or three graces…or three queens…or three fates…or three witches. It’s always us. I see the three of us in every trio, across every genre and movement, across every era, in every stylistic detail and brushstroke.

Here are a few canvases that I always return to. I can’t always have my sisters close by, but it’s a trip to imagine these characters bickering and laughing and gossiping and scheming and making each other cry (WHY is that so much satisfying fun?? I don’t know. I’m mean.) Sestras, I always see you everywhere, in everything. I love you with my whole, stupid, mean heart.

Circle of Robert Peake the Elder? Follower of William Larkin? this one is a bit of a mystery


Kate Greenaway


John Watkiss


Leonora Carrington


James Sant


Valentine Cameron Prinsep


Dante Gabriel Rossetti


Viktor Vasnetsov


Alexander Rothaug


Franz von Stuck


Florence Harrison


Leonor Fini


Noriyoshi Ohrai


Oliver Rhys


Pablo Picasso


Palma il Vecchio


John Singer Sargent


John Collier


The Triumph of Death, or The 3 Fates. Flemish tapestry


Delphin Enjolras


Daniel Gardner


Charles W Hawthorne


Bonus! Three Cats with Bowls of Milk, by Gertrude Abercrombie


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