hildurcoverWitchcraft and Hypnagogia in Hildur Yeoman’s World of Fashion

kate-bush-beach-ball-porpoiseKate Bush: A Crash Course for the Non-Believer

KristenLiuWong_REALLIFEThe Scrying Game: Makeup and skincare vlogs are handy magic mirrors for the anxious

Villainess-MaleficentIn Defense of Villainesses

downloadMothertonguetied: The Fantasy of Belonging.  Sonya Vatomsky on memory and language and losing parts of yourself and being seen for what you’ve become. There’s probably a Russian word for all of those things; Sonya might whisper it to us and seal it with a black-lipped kiss.

OdfY1muiBad Books For Bad People Tenebrous Kate and Jack Guignol cover the weirdest, kinkiest, and most outrageous fiction they can unearth.

composite2_custom-652635bbff5d18f123788817b3b7a4e0ea99cc54-s1300-c85When Your Dream House Is A Dollhouse, No Space Is Too Small

enhanced-24351-1445610547-1222 Medieval Satans Who Are Just Having A Really Bad Day

The horror of female adolescence – and how to write about it

Magic Rites Between the Eclipses

Examining Psychological Horror in the Silent Hill Franchise

Friday’s Child is Satan’s Child: a review of some semi-forgotten horror pulp

How Victorians Encoded Messages in Bouquets (they used flowers a lot like we use emoji)

“Mysticore” is the new norm: Inside the trend that’s casting its spell over the culture

7 Things You Don’t Know About Moths, But Should

A Brief History of the Tumblr Witch

Gossip As An Act Of Resistance

Celebrating female Victorian writers

Sex With A Fairy, Tea With A Ghost: Interview With Kelly Link

Zoe Quinn’s next game is a Chuck Tingle FMV dating simulator

How To Support Black Women Sci-Fi Authors and Filmmakers

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