2017 was quite a year for all of the Haute Macabre staff writers (and everyone everywhere else, no doubt), and so it took a little while to gather all of our thoughts, untangle them, and make sense out of the resulting mess. This week we’re finally getting around to sharing last year’s favorites–books, apps, art, music, you name it!– as well as, some personal reflections on 2017.

If you peek over there right now, you can see selections from yours truly! Read of my favorite books and lip colors and instagram accounts (cheese related! I’m sure you’re surprised!) and take a guess at the dumb youtube channel I love which I am too embarrassed to even mention.

Actually, because you are someone who takes a moment to read my blaarrgh, I will give you the scoop on that over here, because we’re sort of like a secret club, right? It’s Trish Paytas.
I’m so ashamed! Ugh, she’s awful! I love her! Now please, I ask of you, spare my dignity by sharing a shameful guilty pleasure of your own!

Minna says

I binged two seasons of Dragula in one week. So delightfully sickening.

S. Elizabeth says

Oooh, you've just reminded me that I didn't even finish the first season! (Though in the meantime I got spoiled and I'm pretty sure I know who won...)

Theodora says

Ooh I loved your post!! Really interesting selection of recommendations that I now want to check out. I want to watch your guilty pleasure now HOHO! Mine is much worse; girls of the playboy mansion!!! I repeatedly reread Holly Madison's 'Down the rabbit hole' as well - find it morbidly fascinating. (Psst, I got paperbacks from hell for Christmas - its terrific fun!)

S. Elizabeth says

Hehehe! You've got some good bad ones there! And isn't that book great? I haven't had good luck with the horror sections in used bookstores lately, but back in the day (late 80s, early 90s I guess) you could have a field day with the amazing selection of this sort of thing!

Mander says

I watch sister wives.

S. Elizabeth says

I've heard about that! But not enough! It's like people will just admit to watching it, but that's all they want to tell me....heh! Is it really all that bad?

curatrix says

Mine is still "Oh No They Didn't" on Livejournal. Haha!

S. Elizabeth says

This is just just so scandalous and salacious and sensationalist and VAGUE sounding that you have totally piqued my interest with it!

S. Elizabeth says

OMG, so I go to look up Oh No They Didn't and it's already in my browser history! Apparently I was searching for "gay dance club anthems" just last week (it's true, I was, I was making a workout playlist) and apparently it was on that site! See! https://ohnotheydidnt.livejournal.com/95270552.html

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