14 Oct

You may recall that I mentioned early in the month that this year’s version of 31 Days of Horror may be a cheat. So far, I think I’ve done pretty well, but I think I’m calling in a cheat day today because I don’t think I have anything I am quite ready to talk about just yet.

So instead, here is a list of the horror movies I have watched this year. Some of them might be horror-ish, or horror-adjacent, but I’ve kept them all on the list. This is actually from an ongoing Google doc that I continually update throughout the year. Does anyone else do this? I’ve marked the ones that I’d actually recommend to people with asterisks and yes, I did like the really dumb Disturbing Behavior. There’s something about stories that take place on isolated island communities that are just an immediate win for me.

Some definite standouts for me this year were the ghostly eerieness of Lake Mungo, the batshit insanity of Queen of Black Magic, and the quiet, freaky dread of The Wind. And the final .02 seconds of Saint Maude was the most horrifying thing I have ever seen. Noroi and Pulse are two Japanese horror film staples of the early-mid 2000s and I can’t believe it’s taken me so long to watch them. They are both so very deeply unsettling.

Old or new, or new-to-you, what are some of your favorite horror films that you’ve watched this year?

1/27 Perfect Blue (rewatch) ***
2/12 Vivarium
2/14 His House***
(?) Interview with the Vampire (rewatch)
(?) Impetigore
3/18 Queen of Black Magic***
4/2 Noroi***
4/14 Pulse***
(?) Seance on a Wet Afternoon***
4/19 Unfriended

4/26 Lake Mungo***
(?)Saint Maud
6/24 Sator
7/4 Fear Street ***
7/5 La Llorona (not the Linda Cardellini one)***
7/10 Fear Street II ***
7/17 Fear Street III***
7/28 Pandorum
7/29 Slice
7/30 Disturbing Behavior***
(?) When a Stranger Calls
8/8 Scream 3 (rewatch)
8/10 The Binding***
8/12 Werewolves Within ***
(?) Brand New Cherry Flavor***
(?) Los Espookys***
9/5 The Old Ways***
9/6 The Wind ***
9/12 Malignant
9/13 Halloween (rewatch)
9/14 Halloween 2 (rewatch)
9/15 Halloween 3
9/18 Halloween 4 (rewatch)
9/24 The Abyss
10/2 Candyman (the new one) ***
10/4-10/7 Midnight Mass ***
10/7 Things Heard and Seen
10/08 Halloween 5 (rewatch)
10/9 Nightmare on Elm Street 3&4 (rewatch)
10/10 Blood Red Sky***
10/12 Dolls***
10/13 Halloween VI: The Curse of Michael Myers (rewatch)

Diane says

Thank you for this list! Some I've never heard of, many I forgot about. I'll get started on the *** ones tonight!

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