16 Oct

Another horror cheat day! I am still processing some recent things I have watched and read, so while that all simmers on the back burner of my brain’s greasy stove, I thought I’d take you on a tour of some of my horror-related or generally creepy/eerie art! These are probably things I have shared before, but it may be a new sight for new friends and followers (hello to all one or two of you!)

Of course, I hope you’re okay with trio of weirdos accompanying us. These are various Halloween masks I have stolen from my brother-in-law over the years. Except for the cat, which I bought and paid for with my own money during a hurricane when I was meant to be out, procuring supplies.

On a nearby wall is a massive poster of the fabulous Lucy Westenra, by the artist Sara Deck. Honestly, she could recreate every scene in this version of the film and I would poster my whole house with them. Especially this iconic trio!

This is the back wall in my office. It used to appear a bit more finished, but we moved the day bed that was directly underneath this grouping of arts. That means…that …I can continue the arrangement down to the floor, right? Woo hooo!

A listing of the artists, going with the top photo where you can see the whole group:
Top row, left to right: Colette St. Yves, Caryn Drexl, Beautymarkings, Caryn Drexl, Becky Munich(x2)
Second row, left to right: Adele Mildred, Alice Havens, Mon Petit Fantome, Charmaine Olivia, Mon Petit Fantome
Third row, right to left: Darla Teagarden, Tin Can Forest, Darla Teagarden, Adipocere, Maika


This is a view just above a small bookcase in my parlor. It’s a spot that could certainly use a bit more fiddling with, but though it’s imperfectly arranged, I really do love these pieces. The eye is from corpsehaus, the ghostly hand (“The Uninvited”) is by David Seidman, and a spooky lady from Jessica Dalva.

Who are some of your favorite illustrators of darkness and artists of the eerie and the macabre?


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