Image: Altınay Dinç

…Combine the ingredients under the light of a full moon and wait.
            What ingredients?

What do you have?

             I have nothing.

Dig deeper, look inward.

           There’s nothing there.

These things only happen with the energy you give 

to what’s already there. I ask again–

What do you have?

            My heart. My rage. My sorrow.

Goodness! Your heart, then. That is all that is needed,
all that is ever needed.

           Combine it with what? It’s just one ingredient.

Oh no, no. It’s already a potent mixture. Look at all it contains:
Past and potential.  Dreams and desires. Crossed wires and connections.
I mean, it’s a bit much, really, but it will do.

Leave it there, in the dark of our shadow.
In the mounded earth

near the puddle of rainwater

and the hornet’s nest
and that spent matchstick. 

Walk away from it and do not look back
or the magic will sour ..

What kind of witch are you? Where did you come from?
 This is weird, if I’m being honest.

…I never said I was a witch. You invited me here.

Who are you?

    Me? Me.

            But that’s my heart
under the moon. That’s me.
And I know 

only this, that I am here
            working with the one

ingredient I have.

Melissa A Kojima says

Wow. So gorgeous and such a perfect poem for the new moon upon us now.🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤

S. Elizabeth says

Aw, thanks! I was super squirrelly about posting this...I think I scribbled it last year and meant for it never to see the light of day. I read it today for the first time in several months and it just hit me a little differently, I guess, so I thought, well, why not share it? I appreciate you reading it!

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