24 May
artist: Christine Pellicano
artist: Christine Pellicano

Ugh, I am feeling so lazy lately. I picked up another a head cold on the way back from a recent whirlwind birthday trip to Portland, and I have got a serious case of the blarghs.

Instead of spending too much time writing anything, this month’s “Currently” is going to consist of all the photos of documenting the things I’ve been up to lately. Actually, that sounds like a lot of work, too. Damn. I can’t win.

New ombré hairs

Ombre hairs
Stuff I am reading! I am particularly excited by the new one from Jeff Vandermeer, Borne. So far it’s pretty amazing. Also, I hear very good things about Catherine Valente’s Deathless, which I have checked out from the library at least twice before and somehow still have not read.

New arts from Ivonne Carley (happy birthday to me!)

Ivonne Carley
Current smells: Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab’s Antique Lace

antique lace
Tea & cookies at Kachka (along with nearly everything else on their menu! The Herring Under A Fur Coat was delightful!)



Spending time with my lovely spooders, Maika & Sonya, and making plans for future adventures!bloodmilk

Currently watching: Kimmy Schmidt season three (so dumb, so good, and I don’t care what this current crop of think pieces has to say about it); Fortitude seasons one and two (SO! GOOD!); The Girl With All The Gifts (meh, but I adored Melanie); The Blackcoat’s Daughter (also kind of underwhelming, but that’s because I have been waiting for two years now to see it, and it cannot possibly have lived up to the hype in my head.)


What about you? What are you up to? Indulge my nosiness and tell me what you’re eating/drinking/smelling/watching/reading/doing lately!

Jennifer says

Jealous of your library haul. I feel like my local library is very lacking. I probably need to be more "flexible" in my reading picks. Everything I want, my local library does not have, but the city library does. That means paying to park and having to work around their hours, which does not work for me during the week. :(

S. Elizabeth says

Can your local library order things from the other branch libraries, or from the city library? Nine times out of ten, my library does not have what I am looking for, but if I can find it in the library system, I will put a reserve on it, and bingo! They get it from another branch! Bah to being flexible! Life is too short to read anything other than exactly what you want to read!

black dove says

I live in Portland but have never been to Kachka, so I thank you for the suggestion!

S. Elizabeth says

Ugh, Kachka was beyond amazing! We had tried to dine there during my last trip out to Portland, but there was a 2+ hour wait, so we got ramen instead. This time around, we were seated right away! And weirdly enough, the most delicious bite I had at Kachka was this unassuming little carrot salad side dish. It had the most marvelous flavor! But really, everything there was excellent.

Another place we went to was Nomad PDX, we did the chef's tasting menu and OMG. Just...wow. https://www.nomadpdx.com/

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