Bedroom shelfEarlier this month we bought a new mattress–and that was a bit of a debacle which I’ll get into some other time–but I have since its arrival slowly been making a few gentle upgrades to my dream sanctum.

I wanted a small circular shelf for above my bedstand to house and display various dream-time odds and ends, talismans and looky-loos, but what I ended up with was this ginormous behemoth. I distinctly recall my internal approval of the dimensions while I read them…but I guess it turns out I don’t know what numbers are or how they work. However, my partner convinced me to keep it, we swapped out the massive, fearsome sorceress on that wall whose wild, chaotic energy probably belongs in another room, and yesterday, we got the shelf hung.

Bedroom shelf 2

Now it’s pretty naked. I didn’t really have anything in mind just yet with which to adorn it with Most of the items there currently are just placeholders, but the print by Becky Munich may be perfect and might stick around….

, I would love some thoughts, suggestions, and recommendations for candles, crystals, statuary, sculpture, art, books, whatever–anything you feel might be a good fit for a bedtime/sleep sanctuary/dream adventure altar. My tastes run toward the fantastical and surreal, so I am not looking for anything too cutesy or twee (here’s a shelf I passed on, for example), and high gothic drama really isn’t my thing, either. Mythic, fairy-tale, folk-tale art feels may be okay, because I love all of those things, but again, nothing too saccharine. Sorry to impose so many restrictions, but I know what I like, and I think that’s helpful to share when looking for advice!

All my cranky codicils and caveats aside, what might you put on your own personal dream altar? Please share your links and tag some artists in the comments for me!

Pamela says

I love the way it looks! Hard decision between this one and the moon one. I think you made the right choice.

B A B O U N E says

First time commenting! The shelf is beautiful! If you are brave, you could hammer in some copper nails on the small triangular section (bottom left) and hang necklaces from there! I love the hands by the way!

S. Elizabeth says

Hello there! That's a neat idea! I will give it a ponder :)

Regina says

An image or a small potted version of a night blooming cereus could be very good dream inspiration.

I also always think of marbled paper as a kind of dreamscape. Mulberry paper as some beautiful examples. Maybe you could line a shelf?

S. Elizabeth says

Those are both incredibly lovely ideas--thank you so much!

Impaire says

I love this shelf! I think the lower part (where you currently have... a bowl?) would be a wonderful place to have a drapey plant, something that could cascade from the ledge and perhaps even help purify the air in your room...

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