Kaleidoscope Color editorial shot for Interview Magazine by Greogory Harris, 2011
Kaleidoscope Color editorial shot for Interview Magazine by Gregory Harris, 2011

It’s well and truly summer. Sigh. I guess that means hemlines rise and colors lighten up. SIGH. You know I have a very difficult time with these concepts.

But sometimes it’s good to go with the flow, right? Experiment a little? Maybe don’t go too crazy (as the title of this post suggests), but perhaps…just one crayon at a time? I think we can do this.

Find a slip of a dress that whispers the soft pink of the dawn before the day’s heat begins to blaze; a sheer tank top that reflects the cool, clear blue of a secret swimming spot, a weirdly patterned frock in the bold shades of children’s pool floaties or another echoing the hues of a deep red rose, a tee shirt screaming the lurid orange of the sun’s dying rays on a late July afternoon, or a dress the vibrant green of grass clippings that stick to your feet when you walk outside barefoot to get the mail, after the lawn man has cut two weeks worth of growth…

Below you will find a few suggestions in this vein; I would typically direct you to click each ensemble to take you to a page with details, but unfortunately, future me had to edit this past post to indicate that these were created using Polyvore and those useless jerks fucked off into the sunset with all of that data a few years ago. Just google “purple shirt” or whatever. I don’t know what to tell you.

Look 1.


Look 2.


Look 3.


Look 4.


Look 5.


Look 6.


Look 7.


Look 8.


Look 9.


Look 10.


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Elle says

I love your photosets :) Never heard of Julia Devile but now I'm a convert, what beautiful objects!

S. Elizabeth says

Aw, thank you! And YES...I discovered Julia Deville ages ago when I was ...heh heh...looking for modern mourning jewels for polyvore! I actually wrote about her earlier this year, if'n you are interested! https://hautemacabre.com/2017/02/exceptional-and-heartbreaking-regalia-the-luminous-mourning-jewels-of-julia-deville/

The Indy Grrl says

Dang it! The pretty perfume bottle in Look 3 appears to not be findable through your Polyvore link. What is it!?I I must have it! Not because it smells good (it could smell like callous peelings marinated in sloth pee, for all I care) but because the bottle is so pretty!

S. Elizabeth says

Yeah, it does seem to go to an old link that no longer exists, but in looking at the packaging, I have a hunch that it might be Lollia brand https://www.lollialife.com/

catherine says

OMG, Looks 2 and 7 are everything I want in a summer outfit. I tend to wear a lot of color (I'm into the hippie/boho look), but I've been wanting some edginess to looks. These (and all your how to wears) are stunning.

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