One of my very favorite things is to work closely with a beloved artist whose work I adore and together, we endeavor to bring a weird vision or dream to life. Granted, my input is minimal and vague and probably not too helpful, so trust me when I sing the praises of these creators’ brilliance. Taking my infinitesimal, unformed inkling of an idea and somehow these makers are able to coax forth, conceptualize, develop, construct and create exactly what was in my head? What witchcraft, what wizardry!

But not really magic at all, as fun as that is to think about. It’s the hard work of *really* listening when someone shares their dreams with you, and the knowing which are the important questions to ask to tease out further details to gild the lily of that special dream. Its dedication and diligence to excelling at their craft, and all of the hard, sometimes weird, and vulnerable work that goes into it. Knowing this as I do, I am so appreciative every time someone has wrought something beautiful from my reveries!

The Midnight Stinks Patreon vanity banner by Becky Munich is one such meeting of minds and the fabulous artistic consequence that ensued. Today I wanted to share another such dreamy bit of synergy: this glorious Midnight Stinks tableaux by Alyssa Thorne, photographer of lustrous blooms and kindred glooms in the fluttery signs and tenebrous twilights of her gorgeous midnight floriography.

I am a firm believer in accessible art for everyone, and I am always so pleased when artists offer smaller-sized prints, postcards, and even bookmarks. Working with Alyssa, we have made a limited number of postcard-sized versions of this piece, and they are not for sale. They are *only* for the stinkers on my Patreon. I hope to get them in the mail for patrons sometime in the next few weeks and I hope that you love them as much as I do.

P.S. if you would like to read more about Alyssa and her work, I interviewed her last October!


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Barbara Conover says

HI, I'm hoping for some insight into my problem. My daughter recently passed away after a tragic accident, leaving behind a HUGE collection of perfume oils, mostly from Black Phoenix, but also from Nocturne, etc. My intent is to find homes for these scents with people who will love them and add them to their collections, with proceeds going to her charities and family. I'm going through them (40 today, so far) and post them on FB (Katybugs & Fairies... Katybug was her nickname when she was little) but gain little traction. What would be your suggestions of where to find like-minded people? Is Ebay the answer? Thanks, Barbara (mom)

S. Elizabeth says

Hi Barbara, I am so, so terribly sorry for your loss. eBay may be the answer, but the thing there, is I think most people are looking for Limited Edition scents or a big bargain. There is a group on Facebook called the BPAL Parlour, but I think sales might be frowned upon there...not to sure about that, though. Or you may try the BPAL forum; this is a place of like-minded folks bonding over BPAL, sharing reviews, and *at one time* I think there were sales and swaps there, but I don't know it that is still the case. Perhaps create an account, introduce yourself in an introduction thread, and tell them just what you told me. You may get some suggestions and it's possible that someone on the forum even knew your daughter (BPAL fans tend to find each other and it can be a very close-knit community!) I don't know if any of this will be helpful in the end, but I hope so, in some way. Much love to you and all the best.

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