this, that, and the other thing {xliv}

Sensitive-Survivors-by-Puur-Anders-9-960x1392@2xOverlooked Plants Printed With Found Images by Miranda van Dijk

jenna bartonOracular Creatures and Arcane Spaces: The Enigmatic Art of Jenna Barton

the-woman-in-the-window-twoPortraits of Women in Film Noir

The Visual Aesthetic of Dario Argento’s ‘Suspiria’

The Myths and Realities Behind The Exorcist

Final Fantasy VII’s Cosmo Canyon Sequence Is A Meditation On Family, Sacrifice, And Existence Itself

Do Nothing Unless It Feeds You

11 Poets Beyoncé Should Feature on Her Next Visual Album

Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and the Catholic Imagination

Remembering Photographer Laura Aguilar’s Empathetic, Queer Art

The Outlawed Secret Masonic Society of Pugs

How Poetry and Math Intersect

What, Prithee, Is A Poetess?

Elsa Lanchester, Herself (Interview And Book Giveaway)–Ends Today!

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