this, that, & the other thing {xxxii}


W.I.T.C.H. PDX: The Women’s International Terrorist Conspiracy from Hell is back


Unearthly Realms: The Photography of Nona Limmen


Hauntingly Beautiful Abandoned Chapel in France

The Lost Art of Painting on Cobweb Canvases
Interview With Anna Biller, Director Of The Love Witch
Sanrio’s new character has an office job, drinks beer, and likes heavy metal
On the Trail of Marie Antoinette’s Last Scent
Diamanda Galas: Hear Apocalyptic ‘O Death’ From Her First LP in Years
An Interactive Journey Through Endangered Natural Soundscapes
A Cosmic Horror Game Inspired By The Work Of Manga Artist Junji Ito {h/t Jack}
New “Twin Peaks” Action Figures Announced
The Melancholy Visual Fables of Laura Makabresku
The Artists Recreating the Tarot Deck for the 21st Century
† Getting a Whiff of Perfume’s Illusions
Miranda July Shares Her Vintage Feminist Film Archive
Ghostly Whistlings: A Tribute To M​.​R. James
Creative Prompt: Cook Up a Secret Recipe
Bad Books for Bad People: Episode 6, Alraune. Plus, a giveaway!

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