14 Mar


Have you ever looked at something I’ve rambled on about here on the blog, and thought, “dang, I need a Japanese ear rake to scrape out my glunky ears, too!” Or, “man oh man, I want to give that gnarly foot peel a try!” Or “boy howdy, I want to read that book/watch that movie/hear that album/wear that stinky perfume, too!”

Well, thanks to me frittering away the better part of an afternoon making a little Amazon shop, you can find all of these delightful things collected for you in one place!

Pictured up top:

Idolon says

I love the Soaiy projector. It's great if you're weird like me and don't like bright lights, ha ha! The company has great customer service too. When my remote stopped working, they sent me a new one of higher quality.

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