This week on the YouTubes I am taking a page from the book of friend and fellow writer Lucinda Rose, whose weekly Writer’s Log updates I very much enjoy. This sort of update will not be a regular occurrence, but I thought it might be a good exercise to share what I’ve been up to with my writing, what issues and concerns I have had in the process, and what I’m looking forward to now that I conquered what I hope is a final deadline, wooooo!

Anything I’ve mentioned in this video that you might be curious about, people, books, etc., I have linked to below! I include this for friends who don’t like watching videos or who might get an awful, visceral fremdschämen reaction to watching a recording of one of your friends talking. Trust me. I get it. If anyone wants to peek in on my YouTube otherworlds, it is much appreciated, but I promise my feelings are not hurt if that’s not your bag.

The Art Of The Occult preorder
Writer’s Log with Lucinda Rose
Shadow’s Tale by Lucinda Rose
The Pomodoro Technique
Ritual Poetica Interview
Online Occult Writing Workshop
Bad Books For Bad People Podcast

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