29 Dec
The Pilgrim’s Rest in Burma, circa 1900: A female Victorian traveler looks out with a telescope

This year saw a great deal of activity for me.  I suppose maybe I was trying to fit in everything I could during the last year of my 30s?  Well, that’s not quite true.  Some of these things were not adventures I had planned on, or even wanted.

Either way, I’ve come a long way from that 35 year old woman living in New Jersey, holed up in my terribly insulated house, missing my family, afraid to go anywhere or do anything, and just…stagnating. To the point of stagnation, as one of my sisters would say.


In 2015 I hosted two Death Cafes: one in February and one in November.  The earlier one was covered by a local newspaper who had interviewed me beforehand and who were there on site during the event.  The second one was a little less nerve-wracking. Both were illuminating, enlightening experiences, and as with every Death Cafe I’ve hosted, I have walked away with wonderful new ideas and lovely new friends.



In 2015 I saw the Acrocats! Which was weird and fun and I would totally recommend it to a friend, unless you have terrible cat allergies.



In 2015, my sister, her husband, my man and I took a wee roadtrip to Atlanta, where we stayed for the weekend and saw the Decemberists perform. It was, I maintain, one of the best shows of my life.



In 2015 I visited Portland (read part I and part II) for the second time.  Portland, OR has become one of our favorite cities, and this time we explored along with a group of friends. Food  – so much food -was consumed, sights were seen, monsters were vanquished! (We spent a day indoors playing D&D. As you do when there’s a whole city outside just begging to be seen.)



In 2015 I traveled to NJ & NY for work and didn’t die of sadness. I’ll most likely be working for this company for awhile (I’ve already been here for 10 years), so I am sure this won’t be the last time I will make this trip. I also had my first drink alone in an airport bar while reading a really dumb book for which I overpaid because I was desperate for reading material.



Traveled to DC for a whirlwind weekend trip of museums and dumplings and German food and impromptu Santa conventions.  Immediately afterward, I traveled to Naples, FL for more work related stuff… but despite the anxiety from hobnobbing with super posh people, it was an interesting trip.  I rented a car and drove around a city by myself (granted, it’s a small city with lots of parking and super easy streets) had my first-ever visit with a massage therapist, and I visited a museum that had a fantastic Halston and Saint Laurent exhibit.



Met several someones! I have gotten to know so many people via the internet – you know, via the usual suspects -tumblr, instagram, twitter, facebook.  Every once in a while now, I actually meet these folks!  In Portland I met up with two amazing ladies for art and cocktails; later I met with a wonderfully special person whom I absolutely adore for tiki drinks. This past October I met up with a woman with whom I’ve been talking for years, she attended the Ghost show with us (which was the second best show I’ve ever seen), and she even sat through a later night viewing of Hedwig and the Angry Inch with us!  I met a fellow writer for coffee locally and we exchanged holiday DIY boozes, and most recently I met with one of my Death Cafe ladies for coffee and a chat.

I don’t know if that last one technically counts, since I already met her in person, like, three times, but hey – this is a big deal for me.  I am going out and doing things! WITH PEOPLE! And I didn’t freak out about it and I didn’t flake out at the last minute.  This is huge progress for me. This is one of the most important things I have been wanting to do for myself. This is huge.

Austin people! New York people!  San Francisco people! You just watch out – I’m going to want to meet with you all soon, too.


Made a lemon meringue pieRead 54 books / Watched Crimson Peak /Got my head shrunk and benefited from it a little bit / Saw Heathers the musical / Mourned the loss of my grandfather / dressed like an adult / started waking up for 5am walks / got new glasses / started wearing lipstick more often / embraced my inner flying squirrel / hoarded yarn / wore some crazy dresses / wrote a lot

What about you? What did you do/think/see/accomplish in 2015?

lau says

yes! please to be coming to austin. i would love nothing more than to run around and drink fancy cocktails with you!

and i owe you an e-mail. will get back to you today!! <3

Maika says

Finally meeting you in person (along with your wonderful gentleman and fine friends) and getting to spend some time together, if only for one cinnamon fire-fueled evening, was one of the best moments of 2015 for me, no question.

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